The kidnapped mayor – – is subjected to “psychological torture”

The kidnapped mayor - - is subjected to "psychological torture"

On Friday, March 11, it was reported that Melitopol mayor Ivan Fedorov had been kidnapped, and that Russia had appointed a new mayor. Barely a week later, Fedorov was released in exchange for nine Russian prisoners of war.

– It was six dangerous days, because I realized that for the Russians my life or the lives of other civilians are worth nothing, says the mayor according to Sky News.

He describes what he described as “psychological torture” in interrogations that lasted an hour.

– They came to me at night, five or seven soldiers, and talked for about four or five hours. The conversation was fierce.

– very very angry

The mayor of the city in southeastern Ukraine believes that the Russians will set an example for him.

Fedorov previously It was said about the lack of knowledge among the soldiers Which made him a prisoner.

The soldiers thought they would be welcome in Ukraine, but they weren’t. That is why the Russians were very, very angry.

– ignorant and ignorant

Soon after his release, Fedorov appeared in interviews with French channels BFMTV and LCIWhere he talked about his meeting with the Russian forces.

He described the soldiers as “ignorant and unprepared.”

– They were told they were here to take the Nazis. I answered him that I had been here for 30 years and had never met a Nazi, he said, and he continued.

– Then they said that they were in the city to help the Russian-speaking population. I replied that 95 percent of us speak Russian, and we’re fine.

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– Unsafe

Russian forces captured Melitopol on March 1, and still hold the city.

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Fedorov is now in Rome, but says he is in regular contact with people back home in Melitopol. They talk about not getting food and medicine.

– He says it’s not safe to walk the streets.

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