The king about the flood: – He has already gone his way

The king about the flood: – He has already gone his way

MJØNDALEN / OSLO (Dagbladet): – I really made an impression reading what happened in the waterways. Norway was roughly divided into two, maybe even three parts. King Harald says of the situation that this was very dangerous.

I have only to praise those who stood aside and saved what could be saved. From the police to the fire and all emergency services, volunteers and neighbors. He says it’s just to thank them that no lives have been lost so far.

He and Queen Sonja arrived at the community center in Mjøndalen, where they were welcomed by State Administrator Valgerd Svarstad Haugland, a quarter of an hour and a half late due to detours.

The royal couple – King Harald on crutches – were escorted into a room where they were shown the path of the flood and worked around by Hoagland, NVE chief Kjetil Lund and Drammen mayor Monica Myrvold Berg (Ap).

Direction: King Harald, here with Mayor of Drammen Moneva Myrvold Berg on his left. State official Walgerd Svarstadt Hoagland, third from left. Photo: Hans Arne Vedlog/Dagbladet
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Lund can talk about the water level, the number of evacuees, and how long the peak lasted. The NVE chief assured that the danger is not over even if the water recedes.


He can tell that Mjondalen is very prone to flooding.

The reason is that the amount of water moves below the Drammensvass instrument and past these areas, before it flows out at the end of the Drammen.

The situation could become historical. NVE calculates it as a 50-year flood – a flood that only comes every 50 years.

– Absolutely awful

She came home from holiday a short time ago, Haugland told the royal couple, directly to crisis management. I explained the impressions of the affected areas in Vicken.

– It’s absolutely terrible to see these photos, said the state official, referring in particular to Ringerike and Nes in Hallingdal.

In L, about 1,000 people were evacuated on Thursday.

Then the royal couple were led to the river bank, where they could see for themselves how high Drammenselva was. At the same time, they were able to talk to crews from, among others, Norwegian People’s Aid, the Red Cross and Drammen Municipality, who are involved in damage-limiting work.

Flood protection has been set up in several places, to prevent the worst.

But not everyone is so lucky. Many people have had water enter their properties and into their basements. Many fear that their homes will become uninhabitable.

  • Dagbladet Sveinung and Anne-Jorunn met in Hokksund yesterday. There they caught fish in the garden:
I got fish in the garden

I got fish in the garden

Dagbladet asks the royal couple if they have made up their minds about the frequency of such weather events.

– There was obviously more of this, but we’ve had bad weather too before. King answers, but there was clearly more.

– Has the royal couple made up their minds as to why?

Climate change should be what everyone’s talking about, then.

Points for climate change: The royal couple cites climate change as the cause of the severe weather.  Photo: Hans Arne Vedlog/Dagbladet

Points for climate change: The royal couple cites climate change as the cause of the severe weather. Photo: Hans Arne Vedlog/Dagbladet
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High risk of corrosion

About 3,600 people were evacuated in Viken and Innlandet on Friday, as a result of the severe weather conditions ravaging Hans – many of them in Ringerike.

In Hønefoss, an avalanche hazard has been reported along the river.

– The water has risen slightly and we are now seeing hints of peaking during the day on Friday. Then there is a high risk of erosion when the waters recede, says Ringreki municipality emergency manager Magnus Nielholm to Dagbladet.

He says landslide-prone areas are being monitored by helicopters and drones.

People who live exposed are required to secure valuables – this also applies in Drammen.

Remove: Aerial photos show a helicopter removing a convoy at Bagnsdamen in Valdres. Video: NRC
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Great question

Inside, many more, about 150 people, were quarantined on Friday. These are places where there is no road connection.

County Sheriff Odd Hoff (Sp) is calling for financial assistance from the government for post-storm cleanup work.

It points to the extraordinary costs of the municipalities, the county council and all individuals affected.

Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Store (AP) promises to help, but can’t answer whether municipalities will cover all damages after severe weather – or when the money will arrive.

– That’s a big question. We must make sure that no one is here alone, and that there are arrangements to take care of this. But municipalities also have their responsibilities. And insurance companies insure people’s homes and homes, PM says according to NTB.

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