The king mocks the entire population of Norwegian society

The king mocks the entire population of Norwegian society
  • Ahmed Fawad Ashraf

    Debate author, Avisa Oslo

Ahmed Fawad Ashraf, the debating editor of Avisa Oslo, writes that we as human beings are more than just our nationality and race.

Not a bankruptcy notice against the Norwegian community. It’s about attacking them.

This is a discussion post. The ideas in the text are at the expense of the author.

There was a heated debate after this comment “Is Norwegian enough for pigs?”, I wonder why there is no personal need to call me Norwegian. This insight is liberating, and it is a good strategy for those who put me out of the community.
For the most part, the debate has been good, but some need to cover it up with comments such as “a finger on Norway”, “it is thoughtless and dangerous, and implies exclusion” and “Ashraf joins the community”. .

Surprisingly generous

In NRKs Discussions And in several articles, liberal politician Abid Raja derails an important debate. Instead of listening to new and interesting currents, he comes to a strange conclusion: it is dangerous and unthinkable to think aloud about having a different identity than the Norwegian. At the same time, it makes me and others suspect that Norway does not support values.
It sounds surprisingly generous, emotionally or unknowingly, as if the king were still part of a collectively thinking “uncle” culture. One who devalues ​​the values ​​of others – writes books that separate himself from the same culture.

We as human beings are more than just our nationality and race. I care more about what people bring into the community, not what they feel inside.

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Structured problem

Other things Raja writes in Viji Norwegian employers may decide not to hire qualified, ethnic minorities who have “defined themselves” from Norway. This is a planned issue.

There is discrimination in the labor market, but most employers are more concerned with the candidate’s qualifications, whether he or she is Norwegian or not. To my knowledge, this is not a question that employers will ask or be allowed to ask.

As I write this, an SMS sounds like: “For a long time I read something very independent and inspiring, which reassures me.” There are a lot of similar ideas, and most of them are Norwegian ethnic.

Do they stand out in the community or represent dangerous and unthinking ideas?

What does the Liberal Party say?

It is gratifying that the children of immigrants call themselves Norwegians. It is also pleasing that people are hypnotized Norwegians. It should be fun and legal for people to find other answers.
Unable to see the nuances of a Norwegian politician in Sorting, it is surprising that he accepted the role of Norwegian police. Is the Liberal Party responsible for what Raja says?

I would also like to point out that Raja, as Minister of Culture and Gender Equality, wanted to make Norway a non-racist country. Does the king stand by what the king says, or is he too concerned with creating a false enemy image to appear Norwegian to his constituents?
I am confident that I am from Norway. The most important thing I bring up from this discussion is what I wrote first: Do not give too much space to those who make noise and fuss about your relationship.

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