The Kremlin about accusations about gas: – ridiculous – VG

The Kremlin about accusations about gas: - ridiculous - VG
Speaker: Dmitry Peskov succeeds President Vladimir Putin. The Kremlin strongly denies that it is to blame for the gas leak.

Vladimir Putin’s spokesman dismissed as “ridiculous” accusations that Moscow might be behind the gas leak in the Baltic Sea. The Kremlin believes that no one can approach the pipes without being detected by surveillance equipment.


When Russian journalists file accusations against Dmitry Peskov, the president’s spokesman replies:

– That’s expected. It is also foolish to expect such speculation. He says he’s stupid and predictably absurd palm.

– This is a big problem for us, says Peskov.

– First, both tubes are filled with gas, all systems are already ready to pump, and this gas is very expensive.

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Spokeswoman: Maria Zakharova commented on the gas leak in Telegram.

Peskov also says that half of the gas is for domestic use. Western politicians are asked to consider:

– I just want to encourage everyone to think. First, before you make your statement, wait for it to be investigated. The question is whether it was an explosion or not, he says according to the RIA news agency.

– We can expect information from the Danes and Swedes. They have a lot of monitoring equipment there. In theory, no one can approach these tubes without being recorded by this device. This is well known among military experts, according to Putin’s spokesman.

The two pipelines with holes are Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2. Neither of them is currently operational. Nord Stream 2 was never commissioned due to the war, and the Russians had cut off the gas supply through Nord Stream 1. Their explanation for several weeks was that it was a turbine that needed repair – and that sanctions were making it difficult to get parts.

– I don’t know what he meant

Senior Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova commented on the issue after a message on Twitter from former Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski.

He wrote: “Thanks, USA!” in tweet about the case.

On social media, many have highlighted a quote from President Joe Biden for Invasion of Ukraine. According to Biden, there are ABC On February 7, 2022:

– If Russia invades … there will be no Nord Stream 2.

On Wednesday, Russian journalists asked Peskov how the Kremlin interprets this:

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– We don’t know what he meant by that.

Peskov also says they don’t yet know what to fix.

– We don’t understand what happened there. How can we evaluate something about it when we don’t understand it? asks the speaker.

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This is what we know about gas pipe leaks

Gas is leaking from the Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 gas pipelines into the Baltic Sea. Here’s what we know about leaks:

Maria Zakharova responded for the first time to Sikorsky’s tweet by signing cable:

– Polish MEP, former Foreign Minister Radek Sikorski, thanked the United States on Twitter for today’s accident on Russian gas pipelines. Is this an official statement about a terrorist attack?

Embassy: No information

Later, a State Department press spokesperson made the announcement:

– Sikorsky … He thanked the United States for the sabotage … for the destruction of civilian infrastructure on the territory of the European Union … The man himself denounced himself as a hater of Europe.

Also widely discussed in the Russian media on Wednesday morning was the statement of the European Union foreign affairs coordinator Josep Borrell that the leaks in the gas pipelines were caused by a deliberate act.

From the Russian Embassy in Oslo, VG received the following message on the case from Timur Chekanov:

– The embassy does not have information about the incident and will not enter into speculation.

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