The law professor believes the verdict against the relative should be overturned:

The law professor believes the verdict against the relative should be overturned:

The sensational news received by the police on Friday Will be charged Against a man in his 50s Burkitt Dengs assassination on Carmey in 1995. The accused is suspected to be behind it Murder of Tina Jorgensen Five years later, in Stavanger.

Shortly after the police released the indictment, attorney Arvid Sjodin, a relative of his client Birkitte Deng, His case began again.

– Attorney Bent Enderson says the future will show whether they have now taken the right killer or not, but the relative is innocent no matter what.

Supported by: Professor at the Faculty of Law at UiO, Mads Andenæs. Photo: Truls Agedal / TV 2

Lawyers are now backed by Professor Mats Antonis at the University of Oslo, one of the country’s leading legal professionals.

– This ruling is contrary to the European Convention on Human Rights, and the judiciary must repay him. There are many ways this can happen – for example a sentencing makes it clear that there is no legal basis to charge him, Antones says.


The relative was convicted of murder in 1997, before appealing and being acquitted in the Court of Appeals.

Nevertheless, he was punished for providing compensation to Deng’s parents.

Although the claim for damages was later removed, the civil verdict was upheld. Dispute law does not allow cases to be reopened after a certain period of time.

Therefore, even if a charge sheet is now issued leading to a verdict against the accused person, the sentence will remain the same.

Preventing Their Removal: Cousin Attorney, Bent Endresson.

They were removed: Cousin Attorney, Bent Endresson. Photo: Oscar Hammer Carrot / TV2

– It goes without saying that this is a completely hopeless and impossible situation for a legal community, says Enderson.

– Tasket

Antones agrees. He believes the law “did not pass the test of time.”

– The relative has the right to make amends, and it does not matter if the law of limitations comes into force, says the professor.

He thinks he looks like a relative now Almost May be released and change in law may be required.

– This is a stupid Norwegian compromise, it is easy to see that it is simply a stupid plan – We should correct it and probably take it completely.

– A case before the court

TV2 asked the Ministry of Justice to comment on the case.

The press officer of the ministry replies that they do not want to be interviewed because they believe this is a case for the court.

The public prosecutor did not respond to TV2’s inquiries.

Attorney Andreson believes that one does not have to go so far as to change the law.

– But time will tell. I don’t think so because the court can correct the mistakes made, he says.

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