The live broadcast will start with the exclusive ‘Farmen’ broadcast on tonight

The live broadcast will start with the exclusive ‘Farmen’ broadcast on tonight

On Sunday, the “Farmen” participants were scheduled to gather for a big final test with several guests and the press staff.

Final concert canceled Due to the new Corona measures, and as an alternative to good evening, Norway is arranging a final live broadcast on

Almost all Farmin participants will visit the Good Evening studio in Norway during the evening, and will interview hosts Niklas Selseth Barley and Toni Frigstad.

Disclosures: Host Niklas Selseth Barley hopes to present a broadcast

Disclosures: Host Niklas Selseth Barley hopes the “Farmin” broadcast will bring more discoveries and secrets that viewers have been wondering. Here with partner Tonje Frigstad who is among the participants in this year’s season. Photo: Nico Sollie/TV 2

“I hope it will be a radio that can come with the revelation that all viewers wonder about, and that it will be a bath of secrets,” says Barley.

Several participants in the studio

“Farmen” starts broadcasting at 19:00 on It continues until “The Farm” starts on Line TV. At 20.50 Baarli and Frigstad go live again on where participants in small groups visit the studio for interviews.

Get it all on this special page!

Almost all participants will visit the studio during the evening, but not all at the same time due to infection control.

Finally, the presenters will sit with the finalists and winner in the studio when the final is decided. The last part of the broadcast begins at 22.05 on

Frigstad, a Varmin co-star who stars in Good Evening Norway for Sophie Elise Isaksen, is looking forward to seeing everyone again, even if something is far away.

– I think this is a very good alternative. When I learned we were going to air the final broadcast, Frigstad says, I was relieved.

– It was weird that there was nothing outside of the final party, so I’m very happy with the way it turned out at the end, she adds.

Although the party didn’t take place, Frigstad is looking forward to being the live host for the first time and being able to meet his “Varmin” co-hosts.

– She says it’s not every day you drink champagne live, but it’s fun and exciting.

Being like a cliché about her social status

Frigstad says other participants are looking forward to stopping by, and says viewers can expect good entertainment during the broadcast.

– We’re a very funny gang, she laughs.

The host says that most of the participants are staying at the same hotel this weekend, and have planned to have dinner together.

Barley set himself a very special goal for Sunday’s broadcast – research into Frigstad’s marital status.

He will try to get definitive confirmation of what is happening to her and “Farmin” co-host Simon Tronstadt Jacobsen.

I promise to be like her in her marital status through the evening. I’ll be like a badger—I don’t give up until it grinds, says Barley.

You can watch the “Farmen” broadcast on, and you can watch the “Farmen” final on TV 2 or TV 2 Play. Since Telenor TV customers recently lost TV 2 channels, they will have free access for a month to TV 2 Play where they can stream the final ‘Farmen’.

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