The “Love Island” contestant used Big Thorn

The “Love Island” contestant used Big Thorn

In 2018, Adam Collard (27) was a participant in the British version of “Love Island”. 4 years later, in the year 2022, the 27-year-old appeared in another season of the reality show.

After the cheating rumors: – She is furious

This season, he’s been a longtime partner with contestant Paige Thorne (25). The contestants left the “Love Island” villa as a married couple two days before the final, but not long after they separated after she accused him of infidelity, according to what he reported. worldwide.

UK Love Island: Former reality star Shagganna Phillips is raging against the production after an unpleasant experience. Video: Red Runner / TV 2 PLAY. Clip: Luna Lea.
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Now Collard admits he used Thorne as a “strategy” to stay in line. He says so in a new interview with daily Mail.

The thing about “Love Island” is that I’m the only one willing to admit it, I’ll definitely choose the “right” person to stay on the series, he reveals.

Moreover, the 27-year-old says he believes that is why he was allowed by the production to star in the series twice – because they realized he “didn’t care about anything”.

Honest Pictures: - Hit me hard

Honest Pictures: – Hit me hard

– We all know the game. It was really hard for me the second time around, because I could see everything, it’s amazing how the second time was, he admits, adding:

– It’s messing with your head. You almost convince yourself that you love these people, but as soon as you see “the light” and come home, you realize that you are not a perfect person.

“Love Island UK” is Britain’s most popular reality show, and now many of its participants are revealing big secrets behind the blockbuster production. Video: Red Runner
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