The love of Leonard Cohen and Marianne Ellen will be the NRK – VG . series

The love of Leonard Cohen and Marianne Ellen will be the NRK - VG . series
LIFELONG LOVE: Their relationship ended, but the love between Leonard Cohen and Marianne Ellen lasted until the end. An image from the movie Marian and Leonard: Words of Love (2019).

The relationship between Canadian artist, musician and poet Leonard Cohen (1934-2016) and his Norwegian muse, Marianne Ellen (1935-2016) will be serialized on NRK.


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The eight-episode series is described as an intimate story about “two equally lonely people who fall in love at a period in their lives where they are still trying to discover their identity,” sums up American Film Magazine.

Much of the series will take place on the border island of Hydra where the couple met. They began a relationship that inspired the late singer-songwriter to write songs like “So Long, Marianne”, “That No Way To Say Goodbye” and “Bird on the Wire”.

Cohen It was also important to Marianne’s son Eileen Axel I got it with author Axel Jensen.

The Museum: Marianne Ellen has had a relationship with two famous men, author Axel Jensen and Canadian singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen. Here she was photographed in Larkollen, Rygge, in 2008.

It is not known which actors will be interpreted for the roles, but NRK is informing the deadline that it will be announced soon.

When Marianne Ellen was dying in 2016, she was sent Cohen’s message to her:

“Dear Marianne. I’m so close to you that if you turn around you can reach for my hand. Thanks for everything. I will always remember your beauty. You know all that. Cohen wrote.

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“Marian, we have reached the point where we are so old that our bodies are disintegrating, and I think I will follow you very soon.”

Friend: Leonard Cohen during a concert at the Oslo Spycrom in August 2013.

“Now I just want to wish you a happy journey. Goodbye, old friend,” Cohen wrote in the letter.

Six days after Marianne Ellen received the letter from the man who made it so inspiring, she died.

Leonard Cohen himself died a few months later.

Watch the “Little Axel” documentary about Marianne Ihlen’s son:

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