The luxury car was sacrificed on the altar of the electric car

The luxury car was sacrificed on the altar of the electric car

Oncoming cars, cars that zip – and cars we never get to.

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The car in these pictures is the second generation Volkswagen luxury car – Phaeton. Although the car was fully developed, and therefore almost ready to start production in 2016, this never happened.

Here we are talking about a truly luxury car. Volkswagen aims high with this model. The BMW 7 Series, Mercedes S-Class and Audi A8 were the declared competitors. nothing less.

Old and new Phaeton side by side. The person on the left had limited success. The one on the right never happened.

Classic recipe

New Phaeton has shared the MLB platform with company siblings such as the Audi A7 and Porsche Macan.

The second generation of the car has a sharper, more beautiful and cleaner design than its predecessor – with classic alignments and much more elegant.

Generous chrome trim versus black paint finish enhances the classic and exclusive design.

Inside, this prototype offers cream-colored leather with dark wood. Also classic so they carry.

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Who would have thought this was the back seat of a Volkswagen?  These aren't exactly the wild luxury cars they're famous for.

Who would have thought this was the back seat of a Volkswagen? These aren’t exactly the wild luxury cars they’re famous for.

Gorgeous on the inside

Another special detail is the curved screen in front of the driver. This was one of the innovations that the new Phaeton was supposed to represent. This was not the case. The bow screen was instead launched at the VW Touareg two years later. in 2018.

The original Phaeton was produced from 2002 to 2016. It was also a car that introduced many innovations for its time. Among other things, traction-free air conditioning, the highest torsional rigidity ever achieved in a car, Bluetooth, lane change assistant and adaptive cruise control, with ambient monitoring. These were huge cases 20 years ago.

But it was also a very long life for the model. So it’s time for a new one. It was ready in principle to take over in 2016.

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He was sacrificed on the altar of the electric car

In the popular VW model, there was a generous range of engines for the original Phaeton. Everything from the 3.0-liter V6 diesel and petrol, to the 5-liter V10 diesel – not least the 6-liter W12 petrol engine.

Speaking of gasoline and diesel engines. Strictly speaking, they were the reason this second generation was not released.

It was Volkswagen’s strategy of investing in electricity that put the nail in the Phaeton’s coffin lid. Well helped dieseljetwhich has already caused a problem for Volkswagen.

One could say that the new Phaeton has been sacrificed on the altar of the electric car. Now time, resources and money were to be spent on the upcoming identity series, consisting exclusively of electric cars.

rechargeable hybrid

Besides, Phaeton did not have much success. At least not in Europe and the United States. But in China it sold well.

There they also obtained a derivative of the second generation of Phaeton, called Pedon. It is only sold in China.

By the way, the Pideon is also available in the GTE version – that is, as a plug-in hybrid. Working with the second generation was still not completely lost.

Here's the VW Pideon GTE, which is only sold in China.

Here’s the VW Pideon GTE, which is only sold in China.

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