The main Swedish children’s club in the Inner Court was fined: – Completely unrealistic

The main Swedish children’s club in the Inner Court was fined: – Completely unrealistic
Celebrate with your son: Djurgården won 3-1 in their first league match of the season. The four-year-old son of Magnus Ericsson joined the celebration of the victory. In the foreground is DIF goalkeeper Jakob Wedel Zetterström.

Djurgården captain Magnus Ericsson (32) celebrated victory in the season premiere with his four-year-old son. The club has now been fined for this.


He writes Aftonbladet.

Stockholm FC beat Brommapojkarna 3-1 in their home opener. Shortly after the end of the game, Eriksson’s son joined him on the lawn to celebrate the three points.

The Swedish Football Association does not allow children on the field – and this has now resulted in the senior club being fined NOK 24,000.

– That’s about repeated crimes from last year too. But this is the first time this year that Djurgården has been penalized, says union secretary Leif Anderson. football channel.

The association stated in April that the rule is about safety, and that no person can be on the field.

– It’s basically a security issue. We agree on that, and so do the clubs. FA chief delegate Per Eliasson said the people inside should have a work assignment and be accredited.

Andersson explains that the association’s disciplinary committee received a large number of reports of unapproved people, such as children, on indoor courts in the Allsvenskan last season.

– It is sad that there is a breach of the regulations that the clubs helped to design, and that it is continuing. In general, it is boring for us to issue fines, no matter what the problem. When it comes to kids on the playground, Anderson says, it’s strictly a safety issue, and the regulations weren’t up for debate about changing for this year.

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Captain: Magnus Ericsson upset that the club was fined for removing his son from the field after the win over Brommapojkarna.

The announcement that the club was in danger of being fined did not sit well with the Djurgården event manager.

– We do not agree with the syndicate in this matter. “We are part of the association, but we will review how we can do differently to avoid unnecessary reports,” Mats Johnson told the Swedish newspaper.

The player himself, who took his son with him to the field, did not see the problem either.

– I think it’s totally unrealistic to be a thing, if I’m being completely honest. It is our children’s biggest desire to get to the stadium after the game. I cannot in my wildest imagination conceive that it must be a safety hazard to sing victory songs and jump in the field. I can’t even take it seriously, said Magnus Ericsson.

The incident made the captain want to change the rule.

– Why don’t you do it? This is our families. I understand you can’t bring the whole family, but it takes about 2 minutes on the field. A lot of us on the team have kids who think it’s a very cool feeling. To take this joy from them and from us I think it would have hurt,” Eriksson told Aftonbladet at the beginning of April.

– concludes that it feels stupid and unnecessary that this will lead to a fine.

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