The man charged after the motor show:

The man charged after the motor show:

– This is the worst day of my whole life. I am incredibly sorry, I have thought a lot about the injured. I have no idea what happened. I have been thinking about this every minute since the accident. But he tells the newspaper I do not understand how it happened.

On Sunday afternoon, he went to a large auditorium during a motor show in Fijerke, Oslo. 7 people were injured and 4 of them were rushed to the hospital.

The driver has been charged with reckless driving and the organizer of the event has been charged under Section 356 of the Penal Code.

He denies the criminal offense, but tells the newspaper that he admits the facts.

He said he was glad everyone injured was out of danger.

– Now I know that no one is badly injured. I feel incredibly relaxed and happy. I am incredibly sorry and I want to tell everyone who was there that I thought a lot about them. I hope everyone is back to perfect health, he said.

Sunday’s show is just one of about 100 shows planned in Norway. Organizers Agrees that security is not adequateBut he says they run more shows.

They promise to take action to prevent new accidents at the next show.

According to N.R.K. Police are also investigating whether the organizer committed financial fraud. The reason is that they only took cash. Police confiscated a sum of money during the investigation.

The organizer, for his part, tells NRK that there is no financial mess and that all the paying customers have received a receipt. Also, his lawyer, Patrik Lundeval-Unger, previously told TV 2 that they consider the incident to be an accident and that they believe no crime has been committed.

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