The Meatman, Mikkel Christiansen | Mikkel Christiansen reveals details about the housing project

The Meatman, Mikkel Christiansen | Mikkel Christiansen reveals details about the housing project

In January, Nettavisen was able to report that musician and DJ Mikkel Christiansen (31 years old), known as one half of the duo Broiler, had finally sold his villa in Mjøndalen.

The reason for the sale is that Christiansen received a rare housing opportunity, and thus had to get rid of the “unconventional villa” that he bought in 2016.

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Since January, the 31-year-old has been steadily sharing about taking over his new home. Snapchat has its own series called “Mio is renovating,” where you can follow the artist as he demolishes and renovates a home.

Nettavisen caught up with the Broiler duo during the Stavern Festival, where Christiansen was able to share more details about the renovation process.

– It takes me a lot of time.

Christiansen has previously said he has big plans for his father's house in Bragernes in Drammen. Among other things, renovation.

“Early next week, I'm going to be tearing out the kitchen and bathroom in my new house, so I'm really looking forward to starting the renovations there,” he told Drammen Tidendi In January.

After half a year, he still hasn't moved home, and he can tell that he's in no hurry.

“Things are going really well. It’s hard to get things right, but I’ve had a different place to live for a long time,” Christiansen tells Nettavisen. “I’m taking my time to do it right.”

Although there is still a lot to do in the new house, he can say that he is almost ready to move in:

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– I think I can move in within a month, and after that it's not quite finished. I think everything inside will be finished within a year.

– Not taking care of the house

Christiansen is said to have paid NOK 10.2 million for the detached house, which includes a garage, outbuildings and an annex. The plot itself measures approximately 730 square metres.

As previously mentioned, the 31-year-old bought the house from his father, and Christiansen can say that his father made no demands at all about taking over the house:

“He had never taken good care of this house,” he said with a smile. “I felt it was my job to fix it.”

Last summer, it also became known that Oke had sold his house in Drammen after seven years, and that he was going to start a huge housing project in Steinberg.

He paid NOK 9.3 million for the property, and was then able to unveil plans such as a new music studio, garage and large garden space.

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However, he has now moved into his dream home:

– There's a lot of talk about molds, wallpaper and colors behind the scenes during the day. For me it's gone well. I've never had a project as difficult as Mikel's. For me it took two or three months, and then I was able to move in.

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