The merging tone: – – I wish I could appear more on the screen

The merging tone: - - I wish I could appear more on the screen

Earlier this month, the premiere of the third season of TV 2 . was scheduled “Company Lauritzen”. Once again, a group of celebrities are out in military training for Dag Otto Lauritzen (65).

Among them The artist, Naghna Dimly (33)But viewers haven’t seen much of the “Butterfly” singer yet this season.

Last week, participants received their first notes on military matters, rated on a scale from “below norm” to “higher than normal.”

Then the commander told Dumley that they had hardly noticed her, and that she was about to be “invisible”.

tears: The tone broke me down in tears when I thought of leaving for the Company Lauritzen. Video: TV2
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– I like to find my place

When See and Hear meets Dumley, she shares her thoughts on the “Kompani Lauritzen” season so far.

– No, well, you haven’t seen me yet. I think it is very good that it is finally shown on TV. When I got home, I was full of impressions and experiences and really wanted to retell them to family and friends, but it turned out to be very difficult. But finally I can see what you’ve been up to.

The artist does not hide the fact that she has not had much time in front of the screen this season so far.

Company Lauritzen: When the participants have to climb Trollstigen after a hard day without food and drink, one of the participants falls.
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– I think “Kompani Lauritzen” in general is very interesting and entertaining. It is also fun to be with myself. But I’m hoping to look a little more on-screen in the end, you admit.

Although Damley received feedback from the commander that she was “almost invisible”, she still hoped that we would get to know her better. To Se og Hør, she goes on to say that she is just someone who likes to settle down first.

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– Maybe it’s about being someone who likes to find myself a little at ease. I may not be the one shouting the loudest right away, although many would think so. But I would love to find my place in the gang, admits the mother of two.

The 33-year-old explains that at home in her daily life she takes a leading role as a mother, and admits that it is thus good to be the one he let pass while filming ‘Kompani Lauritzen’.

Company Lauritzen: When the participants were going through an obstacle course, an accident occurred. Video: TV 2
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TV 2’s director of press, Jan-Petter Dahl, told Se og Hør that there are several reasons why participants get different amounts of screen time throughout the season.

It’s about what happens in the different episodes, who ends up at the top and bottom of the competitions, and how we tell the different stories in each episode. Therefore, the amount of time different participants spend in front of a screen will naturally vary, he says.

– be terrified

Wrote earlier this month Watch and hear outbreaks of disease during the filming of “Kompani Lauritzen”. Several participants spoke of the disease, and Dimple was able to reveal that she was the one who brought the disease to the barracks.

– Of course. I was terrified the day before when I got sick. It revealed that I had at least 39+ in fever and an itchy throat.

Company Lauritzen: Daniel Kavman was disappointed when he got “just below normal”. Video: TV 2 / Reporter: Selena Morkin
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– I opened the medicine cabinet and found cozilan, some antibiotics, paracete, and epox. She added: I threw it to the ground and was about to go down to the ground.

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The artist admitted that she was so afraid of the disease that she could not travel on the recording.

Fortunately, I traveled and tested negative for corona. But I was so bad when I got in there, it wasn’t fun at all. It’s also a little tough, she continued, because there are so many other people who are going to get sick afterwards.

proud friend: Mayoo Indiran current “Company Lauritzen” brought his girlfriend with him when he appeared at the premiere party. Reporter: Thea Hope. Video: Ken Falch
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