The Minister of Health announces drastic national measures – NRK Norway – Overview of news from different parts of the country

The Minister of Health announces drastic national measures – NRK Norway – Overview of news from different parts of the country

– There will be activities that we observe in our daily lives, Kjerkol tells NRK.

According to the Minister of Health, measures to reduce new contact are now needed. He justifies this with capacity issues and testing and infection monitoring skills in certain areas of the health care system.

– Tomorrow we will bring a new measure as the delta variation has gotten into a situation where there are a lot of epidemics. In addition, we have an omigron, which spreads quickly, says Kerkol.

She will not give further details about what actions are being taken, other than actions that reduce communication.

The Oslo district is struggling

In Oslo, the Omigron variant is spreading rapidly. First at the Christmas party in Aker Brygge, now in Steinerskolen in Hovseter in the Vestre Aker district.

Jorun Talov is the District Chief Physician in Westre Acker, Oslo

Struggle: They are struggling to control the situation, according to Jorun Talov, the district’s chief physician in West Acker.

Photo: Runar Henriksen Jørstad / NRK

Joran Tavlo, the district’s chief physician in Westray Acre, says they are struggling to control the situation.

– The current measures are not enough, Tavlov tells the NRK.

He says people now have many close contacts as the district has been able to track down all of Omigran’s cases under suspicion.

The health minister responds that this is the reason for announcing the reduction of contact measures on Tuesday.

TISK request to municipalities

On Monday afternoon, Kerkol held consultations with state executives on the situation across the country.

– In the round I conducted with state executives today, it was suggested that municipalities enjoy TISK (testing, isolation, detection and isolation) in the most demanding way. I do not think it can continue with the Omigron system and the Delta system. Here we have to look at the situation, so tomorrow we will come up with new measures, says Kerkol.

In Norway, 2576 people have been diagnosed with corona infection in the last 24 hours. This is 855 more than the same day last week.

– That’s why I warn you that we will take action tomorrow, “said Health Minister Kerkol.

Yellow demands size

High infection rates and the lack of recorded high morbidity lead to stressful situations in schools and kindergartens in many places.

The school’s national association demanded this morning that the traffic light model be reintroduced. The first nationwide yellow level today.

– Now the only right thing to do is to reintroduce the yellow traffic light model across the country. “Don’t wait until Friday, do it today,” union leader Mete Johnson-Walker said in a statement.

Appointed President of the Union at the National Association of Schools, Med Johnson Walker.

Mete Johnson Walker, president of the Federation of National Associations of Schools.

Photo: National Schools Association

The health minister did not respond on whether it was appropriate to reintroduce the traffic light model.

– The government will now decide on the professional advice we receive. We need to do an overall assessment and then return to the various activities tomorrow, says Kerkol.

Nearly 300 in hospitals

On Monday, current statistics show that 295 patients with corona disease have been admitted to hospitals in Norway. Norwegian Directorate of Health. This is 33 more than the last update on Friday.

80 patients are in the intensive care unit. It’s 14 more than Friday.

Of the patients, 47 were receiving respiratory therapy, two more than before the weekend.

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