The mother and four young men were at home when he hit

The mother and four young men were at home when he hit

Two brothers were in their room when stones broke through the ceiling after the explosion.

The hole in the wall shows where the stones will enter. To the right of the photo sat the 16-year-old and the match.
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On Friday at 2 pm, bombings were carried out on a plot of land in Alversund. Something went wrong, and stones broke out in the home of spouses Nina and Arne Alpher, he writes Bergensavisen.

She worked from home, he was at work. A son, two daughters and a fourth young man also visited the house. They all had school holidays.

– We used to be blown up on the adjacent plot and we heard a whistling sound that it would be blown up again. It was slammed, said Nina Alpher, when our 15-year-old daughter walked into the house with her boyfriend.

The son (16 years old) was in his room and the other daughter (13 years old) was in her room in the attic.

– He came and told that he heard a bang and turned and saw stones on the ground, says Nina Alvear.

– He sat and played and heard the sound of crashing. Then he turned around and saw large stones on the ground, says the man Arna.

There is damage in several places in the house.

Through the rooftop where the 13-year-old sat

Nina Alpher was worried about the 13-year-old, because she had not heard anything about her. It turned out that her room door had been tickled.

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The stones pierced the ceiling and the wall and moved her bed a meter into the room. She was sitting on a sofa and fortunately not hurt. The door was locked again, so it took a while before she walked out of the room, says Arne Alpher.

This is what it looked like in the attic of the house after the explosion.

– It was on the hair

He was at work when the blast happened and his wife called him.

Fortunately, I calmed down before I got home, he says.

The couple is very relieved that none of their children and the boy who was visiting them were hit by stones and were not injured. They think in horror at how close he is. Two children were sitting in their rooms where the stones had entered, while the daughter and her friend had just entered the house while the stones were coming down from the entrance.

– It was on their hair that they didn’t get big stones. ‘We are glad that none of the four young men were injured,’ says Arne Alpher.

Couple Arne and Nina Alpher had a great drama on Friday.

the water came

There is more damage to the house and garage. Alpher says two carpenters were sealing ceilings and walls.

– He said that a storm was reported, so it was absolutely necessary to correct it immediately.

The hole in the roof meant that potable water entered the house. The family dried it up.

The wall and ceiling were damaged.

– It shouldn’t work

The youngest daughter had packed teddy bears since childhood and put them in a room hit by stones.

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They’ve had a hard time and need a little care, but they’ll probably get it, says the father of three.

He criticizes what happened.

– This should not work, he says.

The teddy bears were hit hard.

– will sit in

Nina Alpher says everyone in the house was afraid of what happened. The couple spent time talking about the experience. They think they are over the worst.

– This was an experience you were going to sit in, says Arne Alpher.

The police were at the scene and questioned the parties. A case has been opened and the police are investigating whether anything criminal has happened.

– The owner of the house was home when this happened, so it must have been a frightening experience, Director of Police Operations Evind Helsund told BT on Friday afternoon.

The contractor apologizes

according to Bergensavisen Romarheim AS is the main contractor for a commercial precinct on the plot adjacent to the Alver family.

– We apologize for what happened and have contacted the couple. It’s a reputable company that has done the bombing work for us. We have had close contact with the company, without knowing why this happened. We have informed the police who are investigating, Kåre Romarheim tells BT.

“We take this very seriously and have started our own investigations,” he adds.


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