The music must be real

The music must be real

When everything becomes smooth and perfect, you lose a lot of the magic that happens.

Stig van Eijk criticizes the use of the self-help instrument for striking notes in the Melodi Grand Prix.
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With NRK decision to be allowed Autoton As an aid to improve the listening experience and to ‘rescue’ singers who sing sadly during MGP, discussion is ongoing.

Perhaps I will be one of the few who will not use this help. As an old-school artist, I set extremely high standards for live performances and never liked the auto-tune direction, unless it was to make an impact in the soundscape.

Autotune is not allowed in the Eurovision final. Should it be allowed on Norwegian MGP broadcasts?

Norwegian public It can quickly feel swindled if we send a local foot singer, but he didn’t deliver internationally when the help was over. That said, I have full confidence in MGP CEO Stig Karlsen and his colleagues. They choose singers who have what it takes to deliver

I understand Even many “song” programs now use autotune. For my part, it would be completely wrong not to sing with your own voice. If not, you can almost put a soundtrack to the song.

Being an artist also means that you should be able to sing your songs live. If you sing badly after that, well, you just have to practice hitting the notes a bit more. Autotune also affects the roughness, dynamics, and emotion of a song. I want to keep that in my MGP contribution “Someday”. I use my own voice.

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Stig van Eijk believes that singers who sing rough should practice more.

A completely new one The artist may feel more secure with this effect, but it can also go the other way entirely. If the pitch is not quite in tune, the stringer can set you on the wrong pitch. This will then be heard immediately.

When everything becomes smooth and perfect, you lose a lot of the magic that happens in expression. We are not supposed to be perfect. We must show feelings. The music must be real.


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