June 8, 2023


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The mustache Samidi Xroad FS 3 – Test

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a testSharp Samidi Xroad FS 3

Run a short run with dump trucks and bumpers.

Electric bikes are in the wind like never before, whether you’re going to use them to go out in the field, commute to work or consider replacing the #2 car in favor of something with pedals.

We tested a number of electric bikes this year, the most popular being the touring bikes that cost between 30,000 and 42,000 kroner. Because this is a good commuter bike with lights, a luggage rack and screens, while it is equipped with front fenders and tires that allow you to roll over gravel roads and simple woodland paths when needed.

We have now tested the Mustache Samidi Xroad FS 3, a drag bike that would have been included in the above test in terms of equipment, but ended up being outside due to the tough pricing.

The reason for this high price is that it contains something that others do not have; rear shock.

Sharp Samidi Xroad FS 3

quotationOne of the most convenient ways to travel by bike

You may have never heard of French bike manufacturer Mustache, but it is a noteworthy brand.

That’s why it’s top-notch in build quality, also compared to the best bikes we’ve tested in the class that pull under 42,000 kroner. After several weeks of testing, we’ve noticed that things are in really good shape in terms of quality, as you get a solid, solid tire that gives a good response to the surface you’re riding on.

There is also nothing to complain about sitting comfort, you sit completely upright and comfortable, with good tubes that ensure a good grip on the handlebars.

The frame is kind of a middle ground between a low entry and a traditional men’s frame, so it fits well no matter what type of preference you have. The battery is well implanted into the frame’s down tube, which is by the way a very solid blue on almost the border of the chrome. Real eye catching.

What sets the Mustache Samidi Xroad FS 3 apart from many other touring models is that it is completely wet. And the damper is positioned in exactly the same way as conventional off-road dampers; Approximately below where the saddle is attached to the frame.

The bike also comes with a solid luggage carrier, and screens are very good at least. Here there is very little vibration or vibration when cycling, and the rest reflects the good build quality.

The wheels are 27.5 inches, which is, for example, a Haibike Trekking 7.0, plus a 27.5 x 2.10 tire, which means you get a fairly wide tire with a pattern that is well suited for both asphalt and gravel.

If we pull the bike on the shoulder and take it down to the weight, it stops at 25.5kg including battery, which doesn’t prevent it from being a touring model.

Both the battery and motor are supplied by Bosch. The engine is a Performance Line CX (4th generation), which we mostly have good things to say, except that it’s a little louder than many other engines.

This motor will help you climb steep slopes without much effort, thanks to the solid torque of 85 Nm. It’s also almost the same engine that the Cube bike evaded winning our full damper test.

What we love about this engine is that it also doesn’t “brake” when you go over speed as the engine cuts out to help you.

It may be convenient to be able to park your own machine for the 25 km/h that the engine is helping you. Many other engines put your “foot” on when you get this far, and oppose you too much. We are not testing that here.

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The included battery has a capacity of 500Wh, which is totally fine if you don’t plan on going very long distances at a time. Even with the engine’s maximum traction, the battery will last about 6 miles.

Along with the motor and battery, they packed this bike with a Shimano Deore 10 gearing system that fits nicely. Then you get a durable goblet that keeps it going for a long time without much servicing. However, it is important to follow this, as good maintenance will give you a more durable electric bike over time.

The brakes are good too, as you get a popular system from Shimano in the form of the MT200, which is also known for being durable and works well. Not the least of which is grief over mourning, even when needed. We have seen the same Shimano system repeated on many of the electric bikes we tested in this price range.

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As mentioned, the rear shock is the clearest difference between the Mustache electric bike and other touring bikes we’ve tested. And that really does a solid job of making riding the bike as comfortable as possible.

In the same way as a rear shock on a mountain bike, you must adjust the air pressure in proportion to your weight. With so little air, the bike will come off the bottom if it hits a hard deflated, not least swaying unnecessarily.

And with plenty of air, you get the opposite experience, where the damper doesn’t react as it should, and the bike behaves like a traditional drag without the rear damping.

Once the correct pressure is screwed into the damper, it works perfectly. It’s designed for this particular bike, so it doesn’t vibrate too much, and provides complete riding comfort. ‘Washing boards’ On cobblestone or cobblestone roads, you’re just slipping.

The front shock is good too, and it has the same action as the rear shock, which gives everything a good balance as the bike feels very firm on the paddles at speed.

The Mustache Samidi Xroad FS 3 is an electric bike that we’ve become so fond of in no time, and we’ll be a clear candidate when we go out and ride on different surfaces. The rear shocks were developed specifically for this type of electric bike, and you’ll notice them quickly when going off.

With the right air pressure in the damper, it will get the vacuum out nicely, and there’s still a bit of fog when you step on hard surfaces. This is very common, for example, with an all-wet mountain bike.

Plus, the build quality matches the top rack, as you get a solid and good riding experience with a solid tire that makes good contact with the surface.

Overall, the French drinker Samidi Xroad FS 3 hits almost a flash across the line in our opinion, as you get a highly traction-driven engine from Bosch that also allows you to park your own machine over 25 km/h without also much resistance.

We have to be picky about an engine that comes with a little more noise than the best on the market, and the bike also costs a good chunk of money to be underestimated either.

However, this is a bike that deserves a totally raw seal in our opinion, and is the best commuter bike we’ve tested so far.

Sharp Samidi Xroad FS 3

quotationOne of the most convenient ways to travel by bike

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