June 5, 2023


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- The national team became Peter Northug - VG

– The national team became Peter Northug – VG

National taxes: Ståle Solbakken and Erling Braut Haaland made the national football team the favorite this summer. Peter Northoj was also at his best on the course.

Norway beat Sweden in two Nations League matches and is now the big brother on the football field. The duo behind Sweden’s biggest soccer podcast, Toto Paloto, think the national team’s similarities are astonishing to old skateboarding king Peter Northog.


Several times in the last episode he called Cabo Northog Justin Dahlin (TV4 host during last year’s European Championships) and Thomas Willbacher (former Expressen journalist) drew parallels between Ståle Solbakken’s men and Peter Northog, with the goal of honoring. They believe Norway is making deliveries on and off the field.

– Do you know what Norway has become? Something makes me love him. This Norwegian soccer team has become Peter Northug, a bit “kaxiga”, say the duo tutu baloto It continues:

– Northoj always came to the finish line laughing and peeing at the Swedes.

There is a lot of Peter Northoj in the Norwegian national team.

Norway beat Sweden 2-1 away and 3-2 at home. National team coach Stoll Solbakken and star striker Erling Braut Haaland received honors from Swedish media personalities.

– Superb verbal steel. One of them drifts away from his “small cocky” way of the press conference, as it is said in Tutu Paloto.

Peter Northug is thrilled when VG retold the comparison.

– I love him! And I love the Norwegian team that Ståle Solbakken is building now. I am touched when I watch the international matches where we beat Sweden both away and at home. I go to sleep with a smile on my face at night, says Northough.

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Northog found his way onto the indoor court after the international match against Sweden last Sunday in action for TV 2. There he knelt for Haaland.

Asked if he would follow the national team closely in the future, Northog said the following:

Yes, and I have contact with some of them. It’s so exciting to see the team we’re watching right now. It is very small, powerful and has an x ​​factor with Braut. But there’s plenty of quality around it, too. It will be interesting to continue in the future. We can relive a very good Norwegian football era again. We can only hope—I have great faith, Northough says.

Justin Dahlin and Thomas Wilbacher have expressed doubts about the Swedish national team and the generational change.

– We need a separate podcast to talk about youth football. There is something we are not doing right.