The national team player is in shock: – Incredibly tragic

The national team player is in shock: - Incredibly tragic

It was Valkvæ Olsen at the end of October issued from the contract With the Slovak Bratislava team after only ten matches.

Time in Slovakia did not go as he had hoped.

Last week, two tragedies hit his former club.

First, his former teammate Boris Sadek collapsed on the ice. Days later, the club was informed that he had died.

Two days later, the club’s vice president, Dusan Paşek Jr., was found dead, only 36 years old. The club later reported that Pašek take his life.

It is very sad and incredibly tragic, says Valkva Olsen.

Close friend of the team: Thomas Valkvæ Olsen spoke a lot with the late Boris Sádecký during his time in Slovakia. Photo: Tori Mick

– in shock

He first learned about the deaths through his former colleagues.

During his time in Slovakia, he talked a lot with Sádecký. They sat next to each other in the wardrobe.

Pašek’s coach has been happy with the match so far, but wanted to change the lineup.

– I feel especially with those still on the team who are in shock right now. They won’t play more this season and they don’t know what to do. He also says that I feel more comfortable with my two families who have passed through life.

– My best friend

– He was my best friend and his death hurts me. Meanwhile, I would like to express my sincere condolences to his immediate family, said Ivo Churkovic, President of the Capitals of Bratislava, regarding Pasek.

The late Vice President ended his football career in 2016 due to health issues.

Pašek Jr. was the son of former NHL player and Olympic medalist Dusan Pasek. He died on March 14, 1998 in his office. He formally concluded that it was also a suicide.

try resuscitation

The tragic death was announced shortly after Boris Sadiko died after collapsing on the ice.

according to Sky Sports Australia Sádeck was revived on the ice for several minutes after the collapse. Then the match was cancelled.

Later that day, club president Ivo Churkovic stated that Sadicki had been sent to the hospital’s intensive care unit and that his condition was stable. However, a life cannot be saved. He is 24 years old.

Note: After one match with Frisk Asker, Valkvæ Olsen was ready to take on Krefeld Pinguine in Germany.

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