The new Cinderella movie is coming to TV 2 – VG

The new Cinderella movie is coming to TV 2 - VG
From Cinema to TV 2: The new Norwegian film Cinderella, with Astrid S in the main role, premieres on November 12. Next Christmas, TV 2 will show the movie.

TV 2 bought the rights to the new movie “Three Nuts for Cinderella” with Astrid Smeplass in the main role. Thus, NRK gets to rival Cinderella.


The movie will be shown on TV 2 next Christmas. I can confirm it, says TV 2 Press Director, Jan-Petter Dahl for VG.

Beyond that, he can’t say much now.

– But we’re looking forward, Dal continues.

“Three Nuts for Cinderella” premieres on November 12. Thursday was the premiere of “Three Nuts for Cinderella.” It was Prince and Princess of Genghis Al and Astrid Semplas who received the most attention.

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Astrid S at the Cinderella premiere: – I got a little shocked

GALLA PREMIERE: Astrid Semplas and Jenkins Al will play the prince and princess in the new Cinderella movie, which premieres November 12. Here’s from the concert premiere on Thursday.

– I think I was a little shocked, she answered questions about what she was thinking when she was offered the role of Cinderella.

Each year, 800,000 Norwegians watch “Three Nuts for Cinderella” on NRK. The classic film from 1973 has been in NRK every birthday night since 1975, and in 2013 VG readers voted for it It’s definitely a Christmas favorite. But the new Cinderella movie is TV 2 that will be shown.

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First Peek at the Recording of ‘Cinderella’

The new Norwegian version of “Three Nuts for Cinderella” was recorded this winter in various places in Norway. Director Cecily Mosley (48) describes pop star Astrid S as a discovery.

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Astrid is strong and brave, but she also has a totally unique sensitivity and presence. I am very proud to present her as the heroine of our history, she says.

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Cinderella is dead

The news that was going to make a Norwegian version, Came in 2015. Since then, the project has been delayed and the names of new directors and producers have been added.

“Three nuts for Cinderella” received 2.4 million in grants from the Scandinavian Film and Television Fund and seven million from the Norwegian Film Institute. The film has a total budget of 38 million kronor.

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