The new Norwegian Space Minister attends a meeting with the European Space Agency and the European Union

The new Norwegian Space Minister attends a meeting with the European Space Agency and the European Union

The ministers responsible for space activities of the European Space Agency (ESA) member states, together with the ministers responsible for the internal market, industry and research of the European Union Competitiveness Council, will meet in Brussels on the 22nd and 23rd. May 2024.

Belgium, which currently holds the EU presidency, hosts the 11th EU Space Council and the European Space Agency.

At this meeting, a decision to strengthen Europe's competitiveness with the help of space activities will be discussed and adopted. The resolution was prepared jointly by the European Space Agency and the European Union.

This is the first international meeting attended by Cecilie Merseth (AFP), the new Norwegian Minister of Industry. Also attending the meeting is Christian Højle Hansen, Managing Director of the Norwegian Space Centre.

The main axes of the decision

The resolution on strengthening Europe's competitiveness through space activities includes three main themes:

The first is how the space sector can contribute to enhancing Europe's overall competitiveness. The resolution emphasizes that space activities are of great importance to Europe's prosperity, competitiveness, security and independence. The space sector contributes to Europe's economic growth and prosperity, and has great innovation and commercial potential.

Another topic is how to increase the competitiveness of the European space sector. A stable and predictable economic environment for the space sector can encourage higher levels of private enterprise. Investment in space research and development of space technology will have positive effects on the European economy in general.

The third topic is how the space sector contributes to global action and autonomy. The European space sector strengthens Europe's position at the global level and forms the backbone of Europe's strategic independence.

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