The New York Times: Oscar nomination under scrutiny

The New York Times: Oscar nomination under scrutiny
NOMINED FOR AWARDS: As voting for this year’s Oscar nominations began, a number of famous actors were suddenly said to be praising Riseborough’s performance in public.

Andrea Riseborough’s nomination for the Academy Award for Best Actress was described as a “surprise”. Now Oscar’s Academy is investigating how it got there.


then The Oscar nominations have been announced It became clear last week that actress Andrea Riseborough could win Best Actress.

Riseborough’s candidacy was described in many international media as a major surprise, and many wondered what campaign had led to it.

Now the Oscar Academy will consider the nomination and discuss the matter during a meeting on Tuesday, he writes New York times.

Among the questions asked was whether the campaign broke any rules, and if so, what the consequences would be.

The Oscar Academy declined to comment for the New York Times article, but issued the following statement, which was reported by several media outlets:

– We are conducting a review of the campaign procedures for this year’s candidates, to ensure that no guidelines are not being breached.

Riseborough is nominated for the role in To Leslie. According to The New York Times, few critics made the film one of the best of the year lists, and it took in just $27,000 at the box office during its release last October.

As voting for the Oscar nominations begins, a number of well-known actors have reportedly paid tribute to Riseborough’s performance in public.

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“Andrea should win every award out there and every one yet to be invented,” Gwyneth Paltrow wrote on Instagram, according to The New York Times.

Many of the actors who will pay tribute to the actor will be members of the Oscar Academy. Academy members may not be contacted to promote a film or pay for an award.

According to the New York Times, a longtime member of the Academy is said to have stated that it was unlikely her nominations would be withdrawn because she did not appeal directly to the same voters.

Riseborough did not want to comment to The New York Times.


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