January 30, 2023


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The New York Times: - Ukraine admits the attack in Russia

The New York Times: – Ukraine admits the attack in Russia

Monday evening, a high-ranking Ukrainian official admitted The New York Times Ukraine is behind a drone attack on military bases in Russia.

The attack was said to have been carried out by drones said to have been launched from Ukrainian territory.

According to the Russian authorities, The Wall Street Journal He stated that at least three people were killed and six wounded in the attack.

The New York Times wrote that the attack indicated that Ukraine was now more willing to attack military bases “in the heart of Russia”. Avisa also writes that Ukraine is showing that it has the ability to attack distant targets.

On Monday morning, an explosion was reported or at the Engels Air Force Base in the Saratov region of Russia. According to Faktesik, two surveillance videos from apartment complexes in the area confirm that an explosion occurred. Engel air base in the Saratov region, approx. 46 miles as the crow flies from the Ukrainian border.

Attack: A senior Ukrainian official says Ukraine is behind the attack on Russian military bases. Image: Planet Labs
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Accused Ukraine

In the aftermath of the bombings, Russia accused Ukraine of being behind the attack.

In a press release, the Russian Ministry of Defense stated that the Ukrainians attacked Dzhajilevo airport in the Ryazan region and Engels airport in the Saratov region.

Engels Air Force Base is about 46 miles as the crow flies from the border with Ukraine, and even a little farther to the nearest Ukrainian forces.

The Russians claim the drones were shot down, but debris fell on the runway and exploded.

The fall of propaganda: It is not helpful to claim that one has complete control over the city of Bakhmut, when the TV producer chooses to appear to the enemy smiling and unarmed – precisely in Bakhmut. Video: Russia-1
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Four people were injured

Two aircraft were said to have been damaged in the attack on Base Engels, and four people were hospitalized. One of the planes is said to have been a strategic bomber used to launch missile attacks against Ukraine.

The information has only been partially verified.

– Two surveillance videos from blocks of flats in the area confirm that an explosion occurred, but we cannot verify 100 percent that it actually happened at the airport, wrote Faktisk Verifiserbar, which verified the information.

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