The Norwegian Film Industry – A Space for Powerful Norwegian Stories

The Norwegian Film Industry - A Space for Powerful Norwegian Stories

We are in a golden age of movies, series and games. The audience will see and play more. They will experience, feel, understand – and be entertained on more formats and other platforms than ever before. Therefore, more and more people are being invested around the world, providing a great space for powerful Norwegian stories.

The Norwegian Film Institute (NFI) is the government’s governing body for the audiovisual field and manages the Film Fund, which was established in the middle of the last century to compensate for the fact that Norway has a small market for films. Non-food items will be in the best position to meet tomorrow. So we had the consulting firm inFuture do a prospective study where 120 people from the film and game industry contributed. The impact of the pandemic was also assessed.

Here are the main trends: Popular references are more important than ever. Democracy is weakening around the world. We are subject to echo chambers and polarization and need cultural encounters like never before.

Movies and games are important arenas for social dissent and criticism that can strengthen the fabric of society, and have the potential to influence values. He says the Chinese authorities are refusing to broadcast the Oscars live because of the nomination for Do not split.

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