The Norwegians think it’s about Tossenfried’s quick pass – NRK Kultur og underholding

The Norwegians think it's about Tossenfried's quick pass - NRK Kultur og underholding

Two weeks ago, NRK was able to report this Daisies were to deliver fast passportswhich will effectively allow people to avoid waiting in line by paying extra.

After strong reactions, the amusement park is gone Back on the chart.

In a survey conducted by Norstat on behalf of NRK, we asked Norwegians about their attitude towards express passports.

68 percent answered that it was a problem and they didn’t want it to be possible to pay in queues.

16 percent opposed. People have to pay in queues if they want to.

Tusenfryd’s director of marketing, Erik Røhne Andersen, says the numbers for NRK reflect the feedback they’ve received.

– I can understand the distribution based on the reactions we received when we broke into the worst.

He says they received a lot of praise and positive feedback when they turned the case.

— and of course there were others who thought we should stand by her and keep investing, he says.

Tossenfried’s director of marketing, Eric Ronnie Andersen, understands people’s reactions.


The Spanish owners were surprised by the reaction of the Norwegians

Daisies are owned by the Spanish company Parks Reunidos, which operates several parks with fast lanes. Ron Andersen says the Spaniards were surprised by the Norwegian reaction:

He says that the reactions of the Norwegian population to this are different from those of other countries.

When I presented the Express Passports, she claimed this was something that people demanded. When you hear these numbers, could your attitude be about people’s misjudgment on this matter?

The perception must have been different as this survey shows, perhaps we should be honest because we weren’t ready for it.

All PR is good, right?

I am a little unsure of this statement. We may realize that this gave us a small scratch in the paint. But now we’re rolling up our sleeves and making sure we’ll raise the old woman and show that we can provide good experiences for guests in the garden, comments ERich Ron Andersen.

Halvor Mahloum

Halvor Mihelom is Professor of Economics at the University of Oslo.

Photo: Moment Studio / University of Oslo

An advantage for some

Halvor Mihlom, professor of economics at the University of Oslo, believes that people react strongly because the express passport violates the principle of equality for all.

He believes that Norwegians first and foremost match those who have stood in it «subscriber» Waiting list.

He points out that the vast majority will not be among those who can rush to get more money.

It is a show that is an advantage for some and at the same time steals from the time of others.

Do you think this means the end of express passports, or can they still be entered in this country?

Fasttrack and similar solutions already exist, so it’s not impossible to imagine them here. It’s not a legal ban on it, but it all depends on the feedback you get. The desire to make more money is still there, Mehlom says.


Daisies finally dropped plans to introduce the so-called Express Passport.

Photo: Inger-Marit Sæby/NRK

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