The nuclear submarine took to the extreme – Russia tested a super-submarine in the Norwegian Sea

The nuclear submarine took to the extreme - Russia tested a super-submarine in the Norwegian Sea

Russia on Thursday tested its advanced nuclear-powered submarine “Kazan” in the Barents Sea on the border with the Norwegian Sea.

The Russian state-controlled news agency TASS reported.

The submarine is the first in the country belonging to the Yasen-M class, its development took more than a decade.

according to interested in trade The US Navy is concerned about the submarine.


According to TASS, the submarine sank to its maximum depth of 600 meters below sea level.

– 600 meters is too deep for a submarine, says Christian Otland, chief researcher at the Norwegian Defense Research Establishment.

“Kazan” is a nuclear-powered attack submarine, which, unlike strategic submarines, does not carry ballistic missiles with an intercontinental range. Atland explains that attack submarines are often used to protect strategic submarines.

– This is the newest attack submarine they have in the Russian Northern Fleet, he explains.

“Kazan” is armed with cruise missiles, torpedoes and mines. The missiles can be used against other surface ships and submarines and against targets on the ground, says Ulland.

– It’s not political

Although the exercises are taking place on the border with the Norwegian Sea, Atland does not believe the Russians are trying to provoke the exercises.

– I do not think that this can be interpreted as a political sign. It’s pretty clear they were in international waters, and that’s also a perfectly legal activity, he says.

It is believed that the choice of site is related to the fact that the Norwegian Sea is deeper than the Barents Sea.

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If you are doing such a deep dive, you need a good distance from the west. He says that’s why the test was done there.


It is still believed that the Russians want to communicate the force by putting the test public.

– Since they released a press release about it, they’re probably proud of it. They want to show that they have advanced submarines that can dive to the depths. He says they are probably proud of it.

break the ice: Russian nuclear submarines break the ice during a well-guided video of a military exercise in the winter of 2021. Video: Russian Ministry of Defense
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Can this show be seen in the context of Russia’s military loss in Ukraine?

– It can be interpreted as an attempt to distract from the losses in Ukraine, and an attempt to create the impression that the Russian defense remains strong and modern, he said.

calm in the north

Despite the schematic diagrams of Russian submarine captains with a dubious compass, territorial violations by Russia in the north are extremely rare.

– Submarines have modern navigation systems, and there is very little risk of incorrect navigation, he says.

Any violation of the territory of a state is illegal, and the Russian side was not without it. But not towards the Norwegian border.

– There are examples of episodes that can be interpreted as political signals. He said that there were violations of Finnish and Swedish airspace with the plane, which can be seen in relation to requests from NATO countries, he said.

– In general, there is more of this type of friction in the Baltic, and again across the Black Sea.

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Low voltage level

However, such abuses were unheard of in the Upper North after the Cold War.

The Russians seem determined to maintain a low level of tension in the Far North, especially now during the war in Ukraine.

– Why is there less tension here?

– It is difficult to answer, but Norway’s relationship with NATO is quite clear. Russia may see that they have little to gain from influencing Norway with this kind of behaviour. They do not want to contribute to raising the level of tension in an area of ​​strategic importance to them.

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