The old fuel is being phased out, but many people still depend on the old type. – NRK Trøndelag

The old fuel is being phased out, but many people still depend on the old type.  – NRK Trøndelag

The new variety contains up to 10 percent ethanol, hence the designation 95 E10. This is done to ensure that the petrol is environmentally friendly.

But this will not lead to reduction of greenhouse gases, officials said.

If you have a 2011 or later car, new petrol is no problem. For vintage cars, motorcycles and motorboats, however, this can be problematic.

In the worst case, mechanical damage may occur

Ethanol destroys components in the fuel system. Things like this can cause engine failures at sea, engine fires, engine shutdowns and boat engine fires at worst, says Thomas Leon Christiansen, Amcar Norway’s technical manager.

Christianson believes that the fact that ethanol can destroy engines eliminates the environmental aspect.

– It’s not environmentally friendly, when you think about all the repairs and all the equipment, Kristiansen says.

He also pointed out that fuel consumption increases when ethanol is added.

– So we have doubts about the total gain in the calculation here, says Christiansen.

Thomas Leon Christiansen, technical manager at Amcar Norway, explains what ethanol in the fuel can do to older engines.

Photo: Matthias Mikkelsen / NRK

Alternative fuel

There is still ethanol-free gasoline, ie 98-octane. Today it has no delivery obligation, but Amcar Club will do something about it.

Managing Director, Hilberg Ove Johansen, believes that petrol stations should have the same arrangement as charging stations.

– VI’m thinking of the rule that if you carry fuel, whether it’s E10 or E15, you must carry 98 octane E0. Then it could be 5 miles or 10 miles away, explains Johansen.

At the same time, a recognizable motorhome swings by the Amcar Club.

Fremskrittsparti leader Sylvi Listhaug says that if it turns out that it has no effect on the environment, it would be foolish to ensure that in the future a large number of cars, motor vehicles, boats and motorcycles will actually be destroyed because of this.

Sylvie Listak's motorhome in front of the Amcar Norge.

Sylvie Lystock arrived in her motorhome and parked in front of Amkar Norge.

Photo: Fanny Ferragan Solheim / NRK

Application has been introduced

Screenshot from the app "fuel-by-amcar".

This map shows all the stations that still sell ethanol-free fuel, here YX is “pinned” to Vanvikan.

Photo: Screenshot

The Amkar gang has made a move at the same time as they expect change to come.

– We have a refueling app that people can see, says Johansson.

The app is called “refuel-by-amcar” and shows stations that offer ethanol-free fuel.

This makes planning long trips a bit easier if you depend on non-ethanol fuel.

A petrol pump with 98-octane petrol

There is no delivery obligation today for 98-octane gasoline without ethanol. Nevertheless, such pumps are still found at select petrol stations.

Photo: Fanny Ferragan Solheim / NRK

Travels to Vanwigan

As a result, many stations have stopped selling ethanol-free petrol.

That’s sad for customers, but it means good numbers for the YX van Wigan.

The station in Vanviken is one of about 400 stations offering the ethanol-free alternative, and there are many who make the trip to the small village on Trondheimsfjord.

– Sales of 98-octane could be three times larger this year than last year, says Johannesen.

Plus, he sells a little extra when the customer first comes in. It’s often tempting to eat ice cream or a bacon sausage as soon as you stop.

– We will continue with 98 as long as they offer, says Johannesen.

Bess's station YX at Vanwigan.  One of the few gas stations that still sells 98-octane gasoline

98-octane gasoline is being phased out, but can still be purchased at YX here in Vanwigan.

Photo: Fanny Ferragan Solheim / NRK

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