The orders to wear masks and lock down are coming again, it’s not about infection, it’s about control

The orders to wear masks and lock down are coming again, it’s not about infection, it’s about control

Reports are circulating that colleges and offices in the US are beginning to reimpose mandates for COVID mask and contact tracing even though no new cases of the virus have been reported.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution On Monday, it reported that Morris Brown College, a privately black liberal arts college, had reintroduced the measures as part of a “precautionary step.”

The report notes that students and staff will be required to wear masks while on campus, just a week after classes start.

A letter from the college claims that there have been “reports of positive cases among students at Atlanta University Center,” a consortium of black colleges and universities located on Atlanta’s West Side.

Hollywood studio reintroduces mask duty

A major Hollywood studio has reintroduced a Covid mask mandate out of fear of increasing rates of the virus and a new, highly mutated variant, he wrote. daily Mail.

Lionsgate — best known for the horror series Saw and The Hunger Games — is asking employees to wear face coverings again at its head office in Santa Monica, California, after several employees tested positive.

It also strongly encourages employees to test themselves before coming to work – and notify managers if they test positive or develop symptoms of the virus.

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Mask campaign is underway

Article in Newsweek Recommend masks again, scientists say: Did face masks help fight the coronavirus? Scientists want you to get dressed again.

So we have here a virus that the World Health Organization itself does not say is dangerous, and therefore masks must be worn, although it has not been proven that it has any positive health effects, but on the other hand it has serious negative health effects, both on the body, the absorption of oxygen and the exchange of gases, as well as from the psychological and social point of view. It leads to distance, isolation and fear. This is the goal as well.

Researchers studied 12 different face masks, all of which contained carcinogenic substances

The scientific arguments against face masks

Face masks harm the development of language and social skills in young children

Research: Face masks are physically and psychologically harmful to health

And as we announced on August 17:

Autumn is approaching and soon the time will come for the tyranny of new masks

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