The Oslo Bors has risen to an all-time high for the 36th time

The Oslo Bors has risen to an all-time high for the 36th time

Castellum Aktiebolag has purchased all of Folketrygdfondet’s 21.4 million shares in real estate firm Entra, which equates to an 11.75 percent ownership interest. Castellum put it up with an ownership stake of 30.6 percent. The stock was the most heavily traded today, closing up 4.6 percent to 224 crowns.

BewiFrøya Invest, CEO, bought 6.8 million shares in the company from Verdane at a price of NOK 29.50 and a total of NOK 200 million. With close associates, Bekken acquired an ownership stake of 62.35 percent, while Verdane’s ownership interest decreased to 7.63 percent. The stock rose 5.2 percent to 30.60 Norwegian crowns.

Salmar share It rose 2.5 percent to NOK 590.20 after Pareto Securities and DNB Markets upgraded the stock to Buy. Both highlighted opportunities for growth in the collaboration with Aker. DNB Markets also reported strong fundamental results and strong guidance.

DNB Markets writes: “We have upgraded to buy and price targets up to NOK 650 per Salmar (640) share, which is based on strong fundamental results, strong direction and attractive growth opportunities.”

ABG Sundal raised its target price to NOK 657.

Complete grinding in Nanovector

Earnings season continued to affect the stock market picture, and in the wake of the quarterly report, for example, appeared Nordic nanofactor An increase of 11.7 percent to 21.82 kroner.

The company stated that the Paradigme project schedule has been delayed due to the increased spread of infection, but also about the positive outlook for Betalutin. The company holds a research and development day in the fourth quarter to discuss further development and commercialization of cancer medicine.

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According to TDN Finans, ABG Sundal Collier wrote that Nordic Nanovector is ready for the next phase, which is FDA approval of Betalutin until the company can begin a Phase 3 study. Meglerhuset also writes that due to ongoing shortages of 26 people for the study, as well as delays related to the global pandemic, the top-line data from the study will likely be presented in the second quarter of 2022, not the first quarter of 2022. A neutral reaction in the stock price.

During the quarterly presentation, management was very confident in the hiring rate and said that the pipeline of potential patients for hiring has not been as large as it is now, making it likely that the company will be able to stick to the estimated results for the second half of 2022, analyst Adam Carlson at ABG told TDN Direkt on Friday, which reflects the price hikes in the company we see today.

He added that it is positive for the share price that management has confirmed that if the top-line data is submitted by the second half of 2022, it will have sufficient cash runway – in which case no additional supply of capital will be required.

Even for tech stocks

Tomer’s competitor Envipco It is now working on a “strong” expansion of the commercial team, after turning to positive earnings in the second quarter. The stock rose 11.6 percent to 25.90 Norwegian crowns.

Zaptec stock 11.6% to 55.95 NOK. The company’s quarterly report on Friday showed adjusted EBITDA of NOK 11.7 million, up from NOK 9.2 million in the same quarter of 2020. Operating income rose from NOK 47.2 million to NOK 92 million.

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According to TDN Finans, ABG Sundal Collier notes that sales volume was already known from the quarterly update earlier this summer, and adds that it was 7 percent better than their estimate of NOK 86 million.

some losers

NRS . stock He continued to pull back after Thursday’s news that Salmar had withdrawn his bid. The premise was to acquire more than 50 percent, but when the NTS recognized 50 percent ownership through their bid, that was no longer possible. NRS shares fell 11.8 percent to 199.80 Norwegian crowns.

PatientSky changed her boss that day. Christian Ekast takes charge of Johann Zitterström, with immediate effect. Thus Zetterstrom had only one year in the presidency. The stock fell 6.0 percent to 3.95 Norwegian crowns.

After its launch Wednesday in the Oslo Stock Exchange, where the satellite company Astrocast It rose 191 percent to 84 crowns, and the stock continued to fall by a new 16.7 percent on Friday, to 60 crowns.

life care She announced that the company will raise up to 40 million Norwegian kroner. The stock fell 9.2 percent to 1.81 crowns.

oil prices Withdrew north Friday. Brent oil rose 0.8 percent to $72.32 a barrel. Barrels when the Oslo Stock Exchange closed. At the close in Oslo on Thursday, the price was $71.80. The rally came on the heels of news that several oil companies were shutting down production in the Gulf of Mexico ahead of Tropical Storm Ida, which could tighten the market in the short term.

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