The passenger ship “Havila Cabella” is stranded in Bergen due to sanctions against Russia.

The passenger ship "Havila Cabella" is stranded in Bergen due to sanctions against Russia.

The company apologizes to passengers.

“Havila Cabella” in a cave in Nøstebukten in Bergen on Tuesday night.
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The passenger ship MS “Havila Capella” was scheduled to depart from Bergen on Tuesday night. At midnight, the ship was still on the shores of the city.

Havila’s Communications Manager, Lasse A. Wangstein now confirms that sanctions against the ship’s Russian lender, GDLK, are to blame.

– There is uncertainty about insurance coverage, i.e. departure is postponed. Vangstein tells BT that this is a situation that has arisen as a result of sanctions against the leasing company that financed Hawila.

Due to the restrictions, any money for GLTK will go to a blocked bank account, Vangstein added.

In contact with the authorities

There is the European Union Justified sanctions against GTLK “Financial support and benefit from the Russian government responsible for the annexation of Crimea and the instability of Ukraine” with the company.

Wangstein added that they were in contact with Norwegian authorities to clarify the situation.

– This brings deep sorrow to all our passengers who were looking forward to the trip. This is a situation beyond our control, says Wangstein.

“Havila Cabella” departed from Alessandra on Monday night and arrived in Bergen at 13 on Tuesday, originally scheduled to depart at 20.30 on Tuesday night.

– Breaking Russian ties

He says he is taking steps to find a solution soon and wants to take care of passengers. Wangstein insists that the company belongs to Norway and that the ship is Norwegian for all practical purposes.

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– We support sanctions against Russian companies. We are now working to refinance this ship in order to sever Russian ties, he says.

GTLK is one of the largest companies in the air leasing world. By the end of 2020, the portfolio of 70 passenger planes and 19 tankers was estimated at $ 4.5 billion. The customer list includes airlines such as Emirates, EasyJet, SunXpress and Aeroflot.

Derje Albrechtsen and Magnhild Bergheim say they do not know if there will be any tour on the Havela ship.

– Got a message on the speaker

Derje Albrexton is aboard the ship with his wife, Magnhild Bergheim. They came from Mold and were on their way back and forth from Bergen to Kirkenes.

He says he started to stumble when the ship stopped at 22 p.m.

– Then there was information on the loudspeaker that the ship was waiting for documents from the authorities, he says.

In addition, Albrechtsen says passengers did not receive additional information. Nevertheless, he suspected that there was some connection between the delay and the ban.

– I thought. Having such a connection to it smells early on, he says.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

– In the meantime, sleeping well is one thing, you can do nothing anymore, he says.

According to the plan, GTLK will fund the four ships that will be sent by Havila Kistruden between Bergen and Kirkenes. Havila Cabella Now the only one in traffic. The other ship, the Havila Coaster, is due to be commissioned on May 10. N.R.K..

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