The Pentagon strongly opposes Putin’s speech – VG

The Pentagon strongly opposes Putin's speech - VG

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said his May 9 speech to Russian President Vladimir Putin was filled with lies and lies — and calling for a Russian plan to withdraw from Ukraine.


Russia celebrates liberation from the Nazis during World War II on Monday. Putin spoke to the people. There he claimed, among other things, that NATO was planning to invade the Crimea.

Putin spoke of the “special operation” in Ukraine as a “justified act”.

– Kirby said it’s not.

Transfer Ukrainians to Russia

Putin also said that it was Ukraine that provoked the war, which Kirby rejected.

Kirby says the speech was filled with the same lies and lies one has been accustomed to from Russia since the start of the war.

– Do you know who is in Ukraine? He said that the Ukrainians, not the Nazis.

“What we should have heard are plans for how to end this war and get the troops out of Ukraine,” Kirby said of Putin’s speech.

Kirby also said the United States had indications that some Ukrainians had been transferred from Ukraine to Russia against their will.

– It’s obviously silly

Several responded to the Russian president’s speech, including Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Store (Labour).

During his visit to Kirkenes on Monday He said, among other things, that “Putin’s description of the war in Ukraine departs more and more from the reality on the ground.”

The US State Department also commented on his speech on Monday evening.

Calling this a defensive action is clearly absurd, says spokesperson Ned Price.

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– He said it was an insult to those who lost their lives and the victims of this senseless persecution.

The case is updated.

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