June 11, 2023


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The people of Bergen do not want a rematch for Bypanen Langs Bryggen – NRK Westland

– For my part, it is important that it was built. I find it annoying and frustrating to spend so much time agreeing where you need to go.

Elise Løseth Øvrebø (22) says she will vote for the second time this year.

She doesn’t think it’s too bad to pass by Bibanen Bryggen:

– I think it is better to go over Brigan than not to go at all, she says.

32-year-old Simen Andre Rytland doesn’t want a rematch either:

– They should be finished now. I don’t know how many years have passed, but I think it’s over now.

Positive: 32-year-old Simen Andre Raitland is positive about Bibanen Til Asan. – Then there will be more public transport services that we can use, he says.

Photo: Linnea Skare Oskarsen / Lotte Solheim Johansen

A new NRK survey shows that both belong to the majority in the non-inflammatory light rail case in Bergen.

A political worker

Light rail to Asan has been a hot political issue in Bergen over the last ten years.

It split parties, overthrew city councils, and caused major parties to change.

The point of contention is whether or not to go with Bryggen, a World Heritage Site in Bergen.

Dramatically, the city’s politicians decided last year that the Bryghan alternative was better. But before the first sod roof is laid, the route choice for Bybanen could shape Bergen’s politics well into the future.

Bergen Municipality Chart Bypanen Bryggen

What it will look like: Illustrations from the municipality of Bergen show what a light rail line through Bryggen will look like.

Photo: Municipality of Bergen

But now the people of Bergen want to move on, a survey conducted by Norstat for NRK shows.

50 percent of those questioned did not want another rematch for the Bryghan track.

A minority, 40 percent, say the route should be reconsidered.

10 percent said they don’t know.

Among the youth, there is less desire for rematch.

The head of the city council in Bergen, Rune Bakervik from the Labor Party, is satisfied with the figures shown by NRK. His party now has the Bryghan route as one of its key campaign issues.

– The reason I ran for City Council President was to save the further planning of Bybanon. This shows that this is a valid assessment.

Bergen Rune Bakervik (AP) is the city council president

– Hard work: Bergen city council leader Rune Bakervik (AP) admits that the battle for Bybanen Till Assen has cost the party a lot. Now he worries that politicians and people will flock to the track.

Photo: Gerd Johanne Bradland

In recent years, the Conservative Party has fought to put Bibanon in a tunnel behind Bryghan.

But the tone towards the election campaign has changed.

City Council presidential candidate Christine Meyer doesn’t want the city rail controversy to overshadow another election campaign.

– It is very important that we as party leaders show the way we are trying to do now. We need to focus on other things. The mayor says the light rail issue shouldn’t ruin another election campaign and become an issue again.

According to a recent NRK survey, it is not his own voters.

Conservative voters were asked to run again

600 people from Bergen were asked in the survey.

He was also asked which party he would vote for. The poll shows that more than half of Conservative voters want a rematch.

However, the mayor says he and the party are not above their own voters.

– No, we know the Conservative Party is divided on this issue. This is why we have been fighting against the Bryghan route for so long. But at one point or another, the mayor says the city will have to get an answer.

He is aware that the Conservative Party wants to have Bybannon as a seat, but worries about the high costs.

While the main parties prefer peace on the light rail issue, commitment remains high among Bergen residents.

In fact, according to a recent NRK poll, a much larger new opposition party is likely to win two mandates in the city council by opposing Bybanen with its main cause, Bryggen.

On May 31, the city council in Bergen is scheduled to adopt the proposed route to Asan via Bryggen.

Trond Tiestad, Bergenlisten

BRYGGEN FIGHT AGAINST ROOT: Former Labor Finance Councilor in Bergen, Trond Tystad, is chairman of Bergenslisten. Their main issue is that the bibanon should not go over the brigan.

Photo: Gerd Johanne Bradland

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