– The players were great – VG

- The players were great - VG

England manager Gareth Southgate is under pressure after the 0-4 loss to Hungary, the country’s biggest home loss since 1928.


I just have to accept that the period ahead will be uncomfortable and uncomfortable, but you won’t get the six years we’ve been through without hard nights, says Gareth Southgate (51).

England lost 0-4 at home to Hungary yesterday. It was their biggest home loss since 1928. Scotland then won 5-1.

Already in the 0-2 position, the spectators began to leave the field. There have also been calls for Southgate to resign as England coach.

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The England national team has seen significant progress since Southgate took charge in 2016, culminating in last year’s European Championship final. Then Italy came out victorious after a penalty kick.

Optimism is far from the same for the World Cup in Qatar. The tournament kicks off in five months.

– It’s a tough night for the players. I sympathize with them, because in the two games against Hungary I was able to take out the teams as I tried to find the balance and give the younger players a chance. I haven’t found the balance needed to win this type of match, says Southgate.

Now, England are on the cusp of relegation from the highest level in the Nations League. They have two losses against Hungary and two draws after four matches.

After his humiliation on Tuesday, England striker Harry Kane (28) was asked about Southgate’s future as coach. The captain didn’t think anything of the question.

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– It is disappointing that this question is asked. We must not forget where we were. Gareth has been a major factor when it comes to making England one of the most successful teams we’ve had in the last 50 years, says Keane.

Under Gareth Southgate, England have a winning percentage of 62.2 per cent. Only Fabio Capello has better stats (66.7 percent). Then Sam Allardyce’s only match was not included.

– It’s the first weak period we’ve had in five years, a very disappointing evening. We expect to win these matches, but it wasn’t our night. Kane says, we have to keep our cool and learn from him.

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Recently, a number of football stars have criticized the intense match programme. Southgate also took that up after a 0-4 humiliation.

– The players were great. They were fully engaged during this period. It has been difficult for them, the England coach said, because of the number of matches they have played.

It is quite clear that the poor results are his responsibility.

– But it’s also difficult to get the strongest team out in every match. We wanted to prepare for Qatar. Of course, a night like this is tough. It is important to lift this weight off the players’ shoulders. This is my responsibility, says Southgate.

England’s next two Nations League matches will be played away from home against Italy on 23 September and at home against Germany on 26 September. The World Cup kicks off in Qatar on November 21.

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