The police praised him after this:

The police praised him after this:

At the end of May of this year, three thieves broke into a construction site in Geisheim in Rumrick. But the theft did not go as planned.

Because while the perpetrators got into several containers, and took tools for large feeds, they were discovered by a witness.

The witness called the police, but at the same time picked up the camera and began filming.

to me Romerix Bladewho mentioned the case first, a car was ready at the scene to transport the tool and the thieves away.

Watch the video at the top of the box!

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But they didn’t get that far. Because the witness’s ploy ensured that the thieves were caught red-handed by the police.

Two of the thieves were arrested on the spot, and the third was captured elsewhere in Romerike that same night.

Now the police commend the witness’s efforts.

– He was a very quick-thinking person, and this was no less important for the additional police work on the case. It clearly shows that vigilance is paying off, Eastern Police District Police Attorney Karina Grenny tells TV2.

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Obviously, the witness’s efforts were very crucial for the police to catch the thieves.

Stolen items: Thieves tried to take this tool from the construction site in Geisheim. Photo: police

Without a report, the police would not have caught the perpetrators red-handed, and it would have been difficult, if not impossible, to resolve the case if a report was subsequently received from the construction site, says Grenny.

The three thieves later confessed to the circumstances that led to a judgment admitting the three.

The three were sentenced to six and seven months in prison, respectively, for complicity in the gross theft from a construction site. It has been found that they are not mobile criminals, says Grenny.

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