The price is reduced by seven million when the renovated object is put up for sale again in Snarøya – E24

The price is reduced by seven million when the renovated object is put up for sale again in Snarøya - E24

The property at Langodden in Bærum was sold in March this year for 42 million. Now the property has been put up for sale again at a price of DKK 7 million.

Exclusive area: The property on Hundsundveien in Langodden in the municipality of Bærum has a south-facing beach, with a view and over two meters.
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E24 wrote in March about the old Snarøya house with the address Hundsundveien 8 in Langodden in the municipality of Bærum, which was sold for NOK 42 million. The property was last sold, in June 2020, for NOK 24.5 million.

The price has now been reduced by seven million from the March recommendation to NOK 35 million.

messenger He mentioned the price cut first.

– Now let’s see what the market says

There was interest in the property in a previous round, but it was taken off the market and put back up for sale on Tuesday this week, estate agent and partner Nordvik Paiktoi Alle tells E24.

Mathisen also worked as a broker in March.

He says there are already more people registering during the day.

– Some houses sold in the past are in the same price range in Snarøya. So we think now is the right time, says Mathisen.

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Bought in 2020 for 24.5 million – asking 42 million for demolition material

Broker for the sale: Christian Matheson, estate agent and partner at Pygtoy Avenue, Nortwick.

– Was the previous price quote too high?

– I will not comment on that. Let’s see what the market says now, says the estate agent.

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– It’s a property with lot, boat house, view, good location, big plot, he adds.

In the dedicated section “Update Material”

“Attractive home, scenic views and opportunity to enjoy marine life. For those who love boating and being close to the ocean, the property is a rare opportunity,” the broker describes in the sales report.

“Snarøya/Langodden is considered one of Bærum’s most exclusive residential areas”, it continues.

Renovation subject: The sale report states that the property at Hundsundveien 8 has not been significantly improved since it was built in 1951.

As E24 pointed out in March, the conditions report says there will be big costs to bring the housing and boathouse up to today’s needs.

– In general, renovation is not cost-effective with replacement compared to demolishing and building new, writes moderator Eric Gjeward.

A Find ad represents the property as an item for renovation.

The sale report notes that the property has not been significantly upgraded or renovated since it was built in 1951 and “therefore has a large setback in terms of modernity and standard”.

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