The privacy-focused Brave browser now comes with a built-in crypto wallet

The privacy-focused Brave browser now comes with a built-in crypto wallet

Brave is primarily known as a browser that focuses specifically on protecting users’ privacy, but the company has expanded its repertoire with other services, Including a separate search engine. Now another new product category has been added to the portfolio.

on their websites Brave announced the launch of its own crypto wallet, Courageous wallet. The wallet is built into the browser and does not require any additional browser extension.

Performance Benefits

This allows you to store, buy, sell and manage cryptocurrencies directly from your browser without having to install add-ons.

Brave points out that this has significant advantages in terms of processor and memory performance, since browser extensions tend to take up some hardware resources.

In addition, Brave believes that the built-in wallet has security advantages in that it is less vulnerable to fake versions of various applications, as well as phishing and theft attacks.

So far, Brave Wallet supports so-called EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) compatible blockchains, which include currencies like Polygon, xDai, and Avalanche. Brian Bundy, chief technology officer and co-founder of Brave, told the website Cointelegraph Bitcoin support is under development and will come online at a later time.

The wallet is based on open source code, which allows other players to make contributions.

Also available for mobile

So far, Brave Wallet is only available in the PC version of the browser, but Brave is also planning to release an Android and iOS version of the browser. It is still unknown exactly when it will be in place. Brave states that when the Android version is available, you will be able to use the fingerprint reader on your mobile phone to unlock your wallet.

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Brave also previously offered a crypto wallet. This was as the company refers to as a variant (a fork) of the popular Metamask wallet, while Brave Wallet is made from scratch and thus integrated into the Brave browser.

To start using Brave Wallet, first open the Brave browser and go to Settings (brave://settings/), where you click on the Wallet tab.

Brave is constantly expanding with new products and services, and in September The company launched its own video conferencing service called Brave Talk, which will rival services like Zoom and Teams.

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