The professor about the liquor ban: – Infiltrated by avhaldsrørsla?

The professor about the liquor ban: - Infiltrated by avhaldsrørsla?

On Monday night, the government imposed a national drinking ban, on the recommendation of the National Institute of Public Health (NIPH). The nightlife and catering industry is desperate after the message.

– These measures are worse for us than the previous round. We really feel abandoned and sacrificed by the government, says Kjetil Smørås in De Bergenske, who owns a number of hotels and restaurants in Bergen.

He had to lay off 220 of the 250 employees.

Disclaimer: De Bergenske’s director, Kjetil Smørås, feels abandoned by the government Image: Kåre Breivik/TV 2

Those affected by these measures are those who were affected earlier. Finance Minister Trygve Slagsvold Vedum (Sp) said during Monday press conference.

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Organ Olsvik, Professor of Medical Microbiology at the University of Tromsø (UiT), has been involved through a long medical career in the fight against viruses such as Ebola, Zika and HIV. Through the Corona pandemic, it has been diligently used as a professional resource at home and abroad.

Olsvik is now asking if the liquor ban is in line with the infection control law.

The winning effect and the result must be balanced. The virologist says the consequences of getting rid of alcohol are too big for nightlife and restaurants.

He believes that people would be much less willing to go out and eat if they did not have a glass of wine with their food, and he wants an answer about the impact of a total alcohol ban.

– Are you afraid that people will not be able to carry one meter while taking the cup? Or that the chastity movement penetrated the authorities? Olsvik asks.

The professional basis from the Norwegian Directorate of Health to the Ministry of Health and Welfare Services states that a ban on alcoholic beverages is “considered to have a significant impact on infection control. Reducing the number of points of contact, reducing mobility and avoiding large gatherings has a significant impact on infection control – the risk of infection is especially high in ceremonial teams.”

The Department of Health and Welfare Services did not answer TV 2’s question about how the government evaluates infectious disease advice on a national drinking ban against social costs.

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Carite Fønnebø, a daily cart at Solid Bar and Coffee Bar in Tromsø, is also calling for an answer to the impact of the outright ban on drinking.

We have requested in several rounds of basic assessments, but so far we have received very little documentation that the correct assessments have been made, says Fønnebø.

Drawer: Solid's daily leader, Carite Fønnebø, was hoping the government had anticipated the compensation plans to a greater extent.  Photo: Daniel Berg Fosseng/TV 2

Disappointment: Solid’s daily leader, Carite Fønnebø, had hoped the government had anticipated compensation plans to a greater extent. Photo: Daniel Berg Fosseng/TV 2

She says the layoffs are again a result of the pub ban, but she hopes the wage subsidy system will be in place soon, so she can minimize the damage.

– What I’m most disappointed about is that two years into the pandemic, one still can’t take care of things until one introduces measures at press conferences, says Fønnebø, citing uncertainty about wage support schemes.

Fønnebø is just one of many in the business community who are holding their breath after the wage subsidy scheme shine in his absence During the press conference on Tuesday morning. There, the government introduced a number of financial measures to mitigate the consequences of new infection control measures, such as expanding the compensation system. Finance Minister Trygve Slagsvold Widom promised to implement the wage subsidy scheme during the week.

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