The Progressive Party's party office in Stavanger was the target of vandalism and incitement against Simon Well.

The Progressive Party's party office in Stavanger was the target of vandalism and incitement against Simon Well.

– It's boring that someone does this. This is not very good manners, says Kristoffer Sivertsen, member of the municipal council of Frp to Dagbladet in Stavanger.

During the night, several messages are encoded in the party's premises in the center of Stavanger.

“Damn you racists” and “Go to hell” were scrawled on the walls of the party premises.

It was Stavanger Aftenblad He was the first to mention the subject.

There are also several decisions against the Youth (Fpu) leader of the Progressive Party, Chimen Welle:

“Simen Velle få deg dama (sic)” was one of the messages. “Simen Velle will not get a girl” is another.

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Considers reporting

Sivertson was unimpressed by the reports.

– People may think what they think about FRP, but you don't have to vandalize a place in the city center – or act personally against Simon Well, he says.

The party has yet to comment on the tagging, but Sivertson says it is being considered.

– We experienced vandalism against our election campaign center after last year's elections, so we reported it, he says.

Go ahead and start painting the list

Welle : — Low Art

Simen Welle tells Aftonbladet that he would like a little more sparkle in his eye when he is criticized.

– Of all the codling I've experienced, it's probably the least artistic. “I don't have a problem with someone criticizing me, but I prefer someone who has a little more sparkle in their eye than this,” the Fpu politician tells the newspaper.

Dagbladet has tried to reach Well for a comment, and so far there has been no response.

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– There are many creative channels to get your views. Coding and vandalism is not one of them. “I've been subjected to colder criticism in the blink of an eye than this,” Welle Stavanger tells Aftenblatt.

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