The pulse of culture | He refused ’71°N’ for several years: that’s why he doesn’t want to see his brother on screen

The pulse of culture |  He refused '71°N' for several years: that's why he doesn't want to see his brother on screen

[Nettavisen]: Since their debut with “Norges Herligste” in 2007, the Ylvis brothers have been involved in a number of TV shows and have become the “all of Norway” TV duo.

However, both Vegard (43) and Bård Ylvisåker (40) have been very selective with the shows they participate in other than their own, and mostly strayed from the classic “celebrity shows” on various TV channels.

But this fall, Elvis’ older brother appeared on his first reality show, “71 Degrees North – Norway’s Most Powerful Celebrity.”

Bård Ylvisåker has no idea how the 43-year-old will manage the programme. In front of Nettavisen, he reveals that he has not watched a single episode of the program in which his brother participates.

Ylvisåker Brothers with a new series.

– I didn’t quite get there

Over the course of two decades, the brothers from Bergen have been responsible for many successful programs, not the least of which is the “Fox” country disaster.

The close collaboration is supposed to be one of the reasons why the 40-year-old doesn’t feel the need to follow what his brother is doing on TV.

– Imagine that you are me. You’ve worked with Vegard for 20 years, and when you come home and sit on the sofa, you should be looking at Vegard at “71 degrees N,” Bård Ylvisåker tells Nettavisen and adds:

– I never got there, the 40-year-old smiles.

Ylvis’s blonde brother also says he doesn’t need to see his older brother walk on TV, because he actually experienced it. However, he cannot completely rule out that he will be checking out the 43-year-old’s TV adventure in the future.

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– I feel like I know little about what’s going on, he says.

One thing little brother learned, however, was the reactions that came after “71°N.” He is so satisfied with them, and thinks it boosts their brand that the 43-year-old has made such a good impression on the TV show.

I said no several times

However, not everyone has bought into an explanation for why the 40-year-old brother of Ylvis hasn’t watched the TV show yet.

– I asked one of my daughters if I was bitter that I was not allowed to participate in the program, says the 40-year-old.

However, Bård Ylvisåker can say he was given the opportunity to participate and therefore has no reason to envy. He himself was offered to participate in the television competition several times, but each time he refused.

The reason for this is simple:

– I don’t want that, says Elvis’ younger brother.

The need for rest is clearly what trumps partaking in ’71°N’, we have to believe the 40-year-old.

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