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Ibsen’s classic and most famous play of all time, Bear Gent, has the honor to kick off the fall season at the Det Westnorsk Territory this week.

Director Bjarte Hjelmeland says he has no doubts about who he wants in the role of faithful Solveig.

– I want Hermione to be involved in everything I do!

Kurt Nielsen villain?

The couple met for the first time while talking about the christening of “Viking Star” on May 17, 2015.

Hjelmeland was the presenter. Hermione was going to give a speech.

– I was given a sheet of paper with what I was going to say, but I was seven years old and could not read, she laughs.

Their paths intersect again in 2020, as they co-star in the movie ‘Burke’ which was filmed in Vaughon.

In the film, Hermione played the main role. My neighbor is evil. Like many roles he has in the merit list.

– I’m good, why do I get mean roles? Is this because there is a furrow on my face due to weather factors, my potato nose and my eyes are sunken? Gaps between teeth and look like the evil Kurt Nielsen? Helmeland asks.

He got an answer to this philosophical question from director and theater director Kim Bjarke:

– He said that because you have to have an actor like people in such roles, that you stay with them until things turn.

– adult actor

Evil Kurt Nielsen, or not. Collaboration continued on “Hakkebakkeskogen” and “Karius og Baktus” directed by Hjelmeland.

Instead of teaching Ibsen in high school, Owen’s biggest role to date is waiting for Svortyvic on stage.

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– It’s a huge recognition to be able to work with such a talented and fun group Bjartfather In the lead, Hermione Barris.

Hjelmeland took his girlfriend up the mountain, ready for six months in his hometown with both “Peer Gynt” and Eggum’s music on the forum.

Do you consider yourself a mentor to Hermione?

When you have such a talent, you must seize it and take care of it. I was in the same situation myself, and the fact that someone grabbed me, even though I was much older at the time, and thought it was worth hosting me, meant it all. She’s also a bit of a weasel, something I can relate to, he says, given his new stage star.

– I’m young outside, sometimes inside, but I’m also 90-year-old Olga, she drinks coffee, eats mocha and reads Ibsen, laughs.

– But at the same time, Hermione understands the seriousness of the matter and can act. We can joke around, but then it gets serious when we’re working. We don’t have one Adolescence Here on sugar shock. She is acting like an adult actress.

Mini with my neighbor

Solveig went to see the priest in the spring and so did Hermione, says Hjelmeland.

– That’s exactly right, you dodge.

Svortevik Oen no longer sees many similarities between himself and Ibsen’s character Solveig, who never gives up on the great liar peer.

The similarity hinges on you being loving and caring, she has to admit.

– It’s the exact opposite of what I do. Who goes around waiting for a man all his life? I can’t wait a week for anything.

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Hermione thinks Solveig doesn’t have a bone in her nose, but it stands as a symbol of pure love.

But others might be more similar? Yes, Beyarty and Hermione, for example?

– We have the same nose, the same smile. I’ve heard “You Little Biggart” from several people, so I’m probably his nameless daughter, Sfortific Owen laughs.

Ibsen, before Voss, says

Jon Foss has rewrote Ibsen’s five works in the Norwegian cultural heritage to Nynorsk.

We don’t show much respect for Voss like Ibsen. Some New Norwegians can become a nightmare, so we chose to focus on making it as understandable as possible throughout the play, and the story is told in an apt way that makes sense today, he says.

It is also part of the Vestland cultural schoolbag and as such accepts students from grade 10 and high school.

– I promised my high school class would watch the performance. I get valid leave to play theater, we also have Ibsen in the Norwegian curriculum, Svortevik Oen smiles.

“Beer Gent”

Written by Henrik Ibsen. To Nynorsk by John Foss

Director: Bjarti Helmland

Costume design: T Michael

With: Lars Berg, Rydon Melvier Berg, Bear Frisch, Hermine Sfortivik Owen, Klaus Silvoll and Marit Ostby.

Plays: September 8 – October 8.

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