The Quran will be burned during the May 1st train – VG

Negotiator: Danish politician Rasmus Paludan visits the Independence Party election booth at Karl Johans Gate in Oslo during the 2019 elections.

Controversial Danish-Swedish politician Rasmus Paludan has applied to be allowed to “demonstrate” during the International Day of Workers’ Struggle in Stockholm.


During the Easter holidays, a lot was talked about in Paludan regarding Quran burning and violent riots by hostile protesters.

The man who leads the small party Stram Kurs wants to outlaw Islam and deport all Muslims.

He will go ahead with the Social Democrats

Palaudan did not recently get a demonstration he wanted to organize in Borås, outside Gothenburg.

However, he has now filed a request to burn the Koran during the May 1 train in Stockholm this weekend. Palaudan wrote in the app that he wanted to walk 150 meters in front of the Social Democrats (Swedish Labor Party) with a burnt Quran in barbecue tongs, he writes. TV4.

In the application, he also wrote that he fears for his life and is therefore seeking protection from specially trained police.

He wants to create chaos and create trouble. It is up to the police to decide if this is a suitable opportunity and venue, Stockholm-based financial advisor Anna König Gerlmeier tells the channel.

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SKÅNE (VG) First anger, Koran burnings and death threats. Then stone throwing, shooting and violence against the police.

Candidacy for elections in Sweden

After the riots in Sweden, Paludan said he would run for election in Sweden.

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His far-right party has already participated in the Danish elections, but has no representatives in the Danish parliament, where in 2019 it received 1.8 percent of the vote.

Three out of ten Norwegians burn religious symbols

The Department of Social Research conducted a study commissioned by Frit-Ord, in which they asked Norwegians if they thought the burning of religious symbols should be allowed.

The survey shows that three in ten Norwegians think this should be allowed, while 49 percent oppose it.

Divided by party affiliation, a majority votes for the Frp (44.9 percent), who agree in whole or in part that this should be allowed, writes Aftenposten. This is followed by Venstre (41.2), MDG (36.1) and Rødt (32.4).

Most APS voters (60.8) do not believe that burning religious symbols should be allowed. This is followed by the “other parties” (59.4) and the Center Party (55.4). The proportion is the same for Rødt and KrF voters at 52.1 percent.

It also turns out that 43 percent fully or partially agree that supporting someone’s right to express themselves as a racist is as bad as being a racist. 39 percent do not fully or partially agree with this.

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