The reaction of Holger Rönn's opponents to Holger Rönn

The reaction of Holger Rönn's opponents to Holger Rönn

It's not a Holger Rohn match without some drama.

This was also seen at Roland Garros in Paris on Tuesday evening, when the Dane won 6-4, 6-4, 6-4 over Briton Daniel Evans.

– I'm so sorry, Evans said in an interview with the media afterwards.

What was he tired of?

That the Danish tennis player suddenly began to argue with the referee during the first round match of the French Open.

After receiving a warning for slamming his racket over the umpire's decision on a crucial point in the third set, Holger Röhn was further enraged when the umpire then ruled one of Evans' balls, despite the linesman ruling it out first.

Therefore, there was a discussion between the judge and Holger Röhn.

Daniel Evans stormed off:

– Then play!

Evans was clearly upset, among other things Danish TV 2 He then explained to the media why he was so frustrated:

– For a second he is having a conversation with the umpire, as he slams the bat onto the ground. I don't care if he talks on his serve. But there is a dialogue with the referee about whether the opponent's ball is inside the goal or not. I feel like I'm being bothered. But it's not Ron's fault if he wants to talk to the judge.

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– There's nothing wrong with Ron, but they talk while I'm on duty. The match went well and then was stopped because of the referee.

However, Daniel Evans admits that's not why he lost.

Holger Röhn certainly did not understand the Briton's frustration:

– Not at all, he says, according to Danish TV 2.

– I felt that he came out and changed the racket several times to take advantage of extra time. He is of course welcome to complain, because that is his opinion. But that was between me and the referee, and I was surprised that the referee didn't say anything to Daniel Evans about why he was talking to me.

Holger Röhn's opponent in the second round of the French Open is 22-year-old Flavio Copoli, No. 53 in the world rankings. The Dane is number 13.

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