– The real reason for putting the plane

– The real reason for putting the plane

Before each departure, cabin crew go through the usual procedures: hold the seat upright, raise the window screen, fasten the seat belt and fold down the table in front of you.

You are also required to put your mobile phone on flight mode before take off, and in the past you were actually asked to turn off your smartphone, but why would you have to do that?

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You don’t need airplane mode

In the past, we’ve written about the fact that a mobile phone not in flight mode can interfere with aircraft communications, but since 2014 you don’t actually have to turn on flight mode on EU flights – The European Union decided that — but there are still airlines that require you to activate Airplane Mode on your devices before you leave.

Last year, the European Union also presented its plans for 5G on planes, which means passengers on planes should be able to use their mobile phones in the air in the same way they use them on the ground.

A pilot with a clear message

– the real reason

Reverse CNN Travel It tells the flight crew, depending on the person, the real reason why passengers are asked to activate airplane mode.

According to the cabin attendant, who is not named, the flight mode call is about making it easier for them to work during the flight, and on a plane with more than 200 people, it would take longer to complete the service if all the passengers were talking. the phone.

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– Cabin crew told CNN that it would be annoying for cabin crew to wait for passengers to finish their conversations before asking if they would like something to eat or drink.

That’s what the companies say

The industry is very safety-focused, says Eileen Higgin-Scary, Norwegian’s senior communications consultant, and that flight safety is always their top priority.

We ask passengers to put their mobile phones and other electronic items in flight mode when taking off and landing. The background to our current guidance is that all electronic equipment could theoretically interfere with an aircraft’s systems, and a mobile phone turned on would automatically seek to communicate with a ground station, she says.

Eileen Hagen-Scary is Senior Communications Consultant at Norwegian.  Photo: Norwegian

Eileen Hagen-Scary is Senior Communications Consultant at Norwegian. Photo: Norwegian
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The Norwegian says that if it turns out to be commonplace to allow this type of equipment to operate, they will also consider it.

– A change to this would require a risk assessment and then an update of our operating manuals. These are very comprehensive processes, Scarry says.

Tonje Sund, press director at SAS, told DinSide there was no evidence that electronic equipment affected the equipment in a way that led to accidents.

– But it is true that electronic equipment, such as cell phones, could theoretically affect aircraft systems. A lot of testing has been done with regards to mobile phone signals on airplanes.

She says the reason they haven’t completely abandoned the requirement to put the phone in flight mode is because they’re not entirely sure whether the signals from cell phones can in some cases affect the electronic systems on board.

Tony Sund is the press director at SAS Norway.  Photo: SAS

Tony Sund is the press director at SAS Norway. Photo: SAS
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For example, pilots may be exposed to mobile phone noise on their headsets, which can interfere with communication with the control tower.

– If mobile phone noise reaches the cockpit headphones, it may mean that the pilots do not understand what is being said from the aircraft tower and misunderstandings may arise. It’s unfortunate, of course, and therefore you should put your cellphone on flight mode when asked to do so, Sund says.

At SAS, flight mode authorization applies throughout flight, but the press director says it’s clearly most important during takeoff and landing.

– During landings with very limited visibility, where you land on autopilot – what we call Class III landings – you have to turn off the phone completely. Then flight mode won’t work, she says and adds:

So our recommendation is clear: Instead, use the plane’s Wifi when it’s available, and keep Airplane mode on until you land.

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