The reality profile went on the offensive

The reality profile went on the offensive

On Wednesday evening last week, the young couple went out to get some food in the center of Trondheim.

– We went to Chalcedon. Then he walked towards us. None of us knew who he was. I went and talked to my boyfriend, the young woman (18) tells Talkbladet.

– Suddenly, as he passes by, he says to us, “Shut up.” I asked why you are telling us because we have not done anything.

The couple say the incidents they describe as violent were completely unprovoked.

– Next he follows me. The woman says he started hitting me repeatedly on the body and face.

The incident was caught on film by random witnesses, and the true story was soon recognized. The video has since gone viral on social media.

– I think I blacked out, because I don't remember much after that, says the Trondheim woman.

In front of Dagbladet, the reality profile denies any injuries and says he only hit the woman with his sweater. Read full response to Reality Profile further below.

It went viral on social media

The young woman's boyfriend supports her interpretation of the course of events.

– Got one on my face too. My lip is completely cracked, says the teenager (23).

After a while, the guards come running from a nearby nightclub.

– It was a random guy who dragged him (Reality Profile, Editor's Note) away from us. Then the guards came and asked us to continue.

A family member took the couple to the emergency room at St. Olav's Hospital.

– The woman says they took a CT scan of my head and X-rays of both my arm and knee.

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Dagbladet has seen pictures of the damage.

– Bruises on the inside of my mouth, bruise on my nose, cut on my finger.

– The first few days I was sore and sore all over. Moving was painful.

After the clip went viral, the couple say they were approached by strangers on the street and on social media.

– The girl's boyfriend says in frustration that he doesn't know whether to hit the girls.

Represented by Elton Attorney

The Trondheim woman has hired a lawyer to pursue the case.

– I can confirm that I am representing her in this case, Belinda Boothby, a lawyer from the law firm Elton, writes to Dagbladet.

He confirms to Dagbladet that the case has been reported to the police, but says he cannot answer questions regarding the content of the case because he has not yet received the case papers.

Dagbladet has obtained documents stating that the incident was reported by the woman's boyfriend.

– I will contact a lawyer this week, he says.

I felt threatened

Before Dagbladet, the reality profile denies any injury.

– I was visiting some friends in the city when I met two people – a woman and a man. They were obviously drunk, recognized me from the television and shouted obscenities, he writes an SMS, and continues:

– They came so close to me that I felt the situation was directly threatening. I yelled at the girl to go, but she didn't.

– I was scared and to get the girl out, I took off my sweater and hit her. She was not injured when she was hit by the sweater.

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– You say you only hit the sweater, but that's not the same story we told. If she was not injured by the sweater, how do you think the alleged injuries would have occurred?

– I don't know how the injuries occurred, but I only hit the sweater and did not get any injuries.

– What about your boyfriend who says he punched you in the lip – How did that happen if you hit him with something other than a sweater?

– I didn't hit anyone with my hands, only with my sweater to protect myself. He could not have received the injury from me.

– You say you felt threatened, but in the video it is said that you are the one repeatedly lashing out at a young woman who is physically much smaller than you – In what way did you feel threatened?

– The video was taken completely out of context and does not show the entire incident. The incident started where the cameraman was standing. I was hit countless times and retreated as two men chased me. I felt very threatened because they had two against me.

When asked by Dagbladet how drunk he was that evening, the factual account states that he had taken a few units but was in control.

– If the above is said to be persistent and harassing to you – would you be a familiar face and handle the situation differently?

– Of course, I would have avoided the whole situation, but I don't think I had the opportunity to do so, and when you are a well-known face, you should be allowed to defend yourself in the same way. As a normal person when you are threatened, reality says- the profile and concludes:

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– I realize that in many cases, especially when you are a well-known face, the entire incident is not filmed. It might seem like I'm being portrayed as the big bad wolf.

The pair have been presented with allegations from the reality profile, and they deny assaulting him, harassing him or acting in a provocative manner before the situation escalated physically.

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