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En kvinne udner valget i 2019 i Kasimpasa

I am in a landfill in the bohemian and western Beyoglu district of Istanbul, an area where I also live. But this area is different.

Some homes have partially collapsed. In other buildings, paint peels off the walls.

During the Ottoman Empire, warships were built and maintained in the port area here along the Golden Horn. It must be an amazing sight.

Kasimpasa is a rather tired district of Istanbul.

Photo: Åse Marit Befring / NRK

But that’s not what Kasimpasa is famous for anymore.

In this rather tired old industrial district, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan grew up in a poor conservative family. The man who held the whole of NATO hostage the question of membership of Sweden and Finland.


A woman hangs laundry in Kasimpasa.

Photo: Åse Marit Befring / NRK

I’m on my way to where he lives, and I’m getting ahead of one A steep cobbled street.

A group of boys wandering past. It is said thatøffe . milløKasimpasas arbeiderstr . et aløk should be in the shape of erdogan.

her lærte han a He speaks straight from the liver and develops a disdain for the secularærestore sovereignty.

Behind the iron grill in one of the windows, a woman looks outside.

old lady

The old lady remembers that Erdogan was playing in the street like a little boy.

Photo: Åse Marit Befring / NRK

I remember him well. The old lady says he was a good boy, and her scarf is well stretched over her hair.

This was where his house used to stand, but it was demolished, she says and points to grassa concrete block, which seems to a FifthæRe from the seventies. She adds that Erdogan moved there as a newlywed.

residential building

Where Erdogan lived as a child, a new bloc emerged.

Photo: Åse Marit Befring / NRK

Turkish flag hanging across the street in front of the building. It is twisted around the thread and faded in the sun.

A man shouts from the balcony upstairs.

The mustache reveals

We’ve been neighbors for 20 years ar i can interview ok na“I want to do it,” he said, smiling under his mustache.

Same mustache tooa Erdogan has happened and this is commonær among his followers.

bart facear tells you who to vote for in Turkey. A short straight mustache shows that you are a conservative Muslim.

Erdogan has shaved it this way for more than 40 years ar once, many aRFør got power, became raset by the boss a Remove it. refused and expelled.

The left side has a thicker mustache that resembles a walrus, while the Nationalists like to shave it as little as half a meterapoints down.

There is no doubt in which camp Erdogan’s neighbor belongsøre.r.

I and other ordinary people want him to be president for the rest of his life. There is no leader who isa Unite Like Him, paStreetar men.

I am thinking abouta sawhat i have andaTT about not asking What Turki believes in Erdogan. Either they hate it or love it.

find pictures

Hussein Ostenbas is looking for more photos of him and Erdogan.

Photo: Åse Marit Befring / NRK

Islamist progress

The former neighbor describes Erdogan as a hardworking and fair man. One man of the people. It is similar to the way Erdogan himself wants to present himself,

The man tells of a time when he joined Erdogan in the election directorate to file a complaint because he thought he had been subjected to election fraud. At the time, Erdogan was running for mayor of the town.

But the person who was to receive the complaint was not interested in hearing. He was an arrogant whiskey drinker. Erdogan was angry and slapped him, his former neighbor says.

It must be someone who has the background of Recep Tayyip Erdogana force in it then sa secondæTurkey’s back is so amazing.

sa many maThird, he was aided by the Turkish generals, like themøkte a suppression of the Islamic movement.

Then large parts of the left side næThe rmest has been eliminated after the militiaæIn 1980, he created the vacuum that Islamists took.

In 1994, Erdogan was elected presidentøIn his hometown of Istanbul.

eight aLater, his party, the Justice and Development Party, won the parliamentary elections by a fewa margins.

Winner of the AKP elections in 2002

Erdogan’s party, the Justice and Development Party, won the parliamentary elections in November 2002.

Photo: Fath Saribas/Reuters

But before that, the generals carried outørt The so-called soft coup, which sent Erdogan’s popularity to the høgenerates.

In 1997, the government came under pressure a ga of thousands of pagesaStreetaEight Islamists were fired from their jobs and the party closed.

Erdogan ended up in prison for a here forceøID a Fa Islamists a gjøRe operøs.

Erdogan during the trial when he was sentenced to ten months in prison

Erdogan and his wife Emine before being sent to prison in 1999.

Photo: Fath Saribas/Reuters

after 4 pmaBeneath the walls, the AI ​​released him, and he came out as a hero.

20 years in power

next one ar sat 20 in powerFøFirst as prime minister and then as president withoutøturn power. he baHead of state and head of government after receiving an amendment to the constitution for four ar since then.

IøPets of these aHe learned a lot of political tricks and he is a master a juggling alliances baThe At home and abroad.

Show that mObviously before and during the NATO summit, when Sweden and Finland’s requests to NATO became his bargaining chip.

Erdogan accused the two Scandinavian countries of colluding with the PKK. The same PKK with whom he himself tried a few years ago to reach a peaceful solution.

At 12 o’clock, he agreed to allow NATO to process their requests anyway, but said at the end of the summit that he would not automatically send the matter to Parliament for approval.


Recep Tayyip Erdogan said at the end of the NATO summit that he does not automatically send requests to Finland and Sweden for approval in Parliament.

Photo: Yves Hermann/Reuters

For Erdogan, it is only about Erdogan, and he uses all the tricks in the book to strengthen him The power base, my international relations professor told me a few weeks ago.

We met in Ankara where he had a permanent office at home after he was fired, as one of several thousand university employees, after the coup attempt exactly six years ago.

In all, more than 150,000 people lost their jobs for allegedly collaborating with the coup plotters.

Several thousand were arrested, and hard-life prisons are now being built.

From cramped living to palace

Although Erdoganøcare a Portraying himself as an ordinary guy on the street, can’t contrast his upbringing to the life he leadsa also Streetøs.

In Kasimpasa lived in a cramped apartment and maTTSB pa familyøEconomy a selling water pa gata. Today he lives in a mansion he built for himself, which is a big mansionørre from the White House or Buckingham Palace.

White Palace

The “White Palace” in Ankara has more than 1,200 rooms.


He also hasa private plane Which he received as a gift from the Emir of Qatar.

By next June aMacedoniaa conducted the elections.

Later the same thing ar is also markeda 100-arsdagen to Turkey. Erdogan’s plan a Sit with power then tooabut his success story has always been againstært he developed the Turks øEconomie.

na Popularity declines in line with rising inflation, which to me Official numbers næMore than 80 percent.

The previous neighbor was ra gata for a They arrested the coup plotters that night for six ar since then. And he thinks the winds of the election will change this time tooa.

FifthI don’t care about inflation and the cost of living. Erdogan promised a øKe and minimum pensionøNnin, Qa The loyal neighbor says he has a cure for this.

But it comes with an inerøMillsy. Bchild to vote pa Erdogan.


Erdogan and his wife Emine during the elections four years ago.

Photo: Murat Setin Mehrdar / Agence France-Presse

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