January 30, 2023


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The researcher was surprised: - It can extend your life

The researcher was surprised: – It can extend your life

It’s no surprise that exercise is healthy, but in a new study a Danish researcher was surprised How little Which is really necessary to make a big difference:

small daily Three minutes of activities – performed at a slightly higher intensity – can reduce your risk of death from cancer by 40 percent, and cardiovascular disease by up to 49 percent – thus extending your life, according to the study published in Journal of Nature Medicine.

Swing the vacuum cleaner more actively

There are also no drastic measures that need to be taken to improve the quality of life. It is enough to make very simple choices in everyday life that increase the heart rate for a few minutes.

For example, you can take the stairs instead of the elevator and go a little faster to the store – and use your body a little more Actively during daily tasks such as vacuuming or laundry.

Keep it active: If you add a little extra activity to your housecleaning, this can be part of the three-minute step. Photo: NTB.
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– It’s the first time ever that research has shown that just three or four minutes of intense physical activity can reduce mortality, says Cecilie Thorgesen Ntumani, professor of physical activity and health at the University of Southern Denmark, Danish media flag. She is one of the researchers behind the study.

Thøgersen says she’s very surprised by the study’s results, and thinks it’s good news.

Thorough study

The study collected data from more than 25,000 people who were followed over seven years. All participants were British with an average age of 62. None of the participants had been frequent exercisers before.

Based on the data collected, the researchers noted the participants’ physical activity. In the study, they referred to these short, intense minutes of elevated heart rate as VILPA — short for Active Intermittent Lifestyle Physical Activity, Nature Medicine writes.

A short physical activity, such as a VILPA, can for example go quickly to work or actively use the body during a weekend wash. Seven years later, the researchers were able to conclude that as few as three VILPAs per day nearly halved the risk of dying from cardiovascular disease. The risk of early death was also consistent with the number of VILPAs a person had per day.

Reduced by 65 percent

At most, one participant got 11 VILPA per day. The person then reduced their risk of death from cardiovascular disease by up to 65 percent.

– This is a good, solid study with very good results, Lars Nybo, professor at the Department of Sports Nutrition at the University of Copenhagen, comments on Science.

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