The researchers campaigned on May 17

The researchers campaigned on May 17

Scientists and climate activists blindfold statues of Christian Kroh and Bjornstjern Bjornsson at the Scientists’ Rebellion in Oslo on May 17.

Since the last UN climate report was submitted, scientists around the world have famously blindfolded statues to demand authorities get a grip on the facts about the climate crisis. It’s also May 17th in Norway, and here’s a statue of Christian Krug with a poster and a blindfold.

Researchers and activists from the Scientists Rebellion and Extinction Rebellion placed bandanas on statues in central Oslo in the morning hours of May 17.

Bjornstjern Bjornsson and Christian Krug say they are blindfolded, with the message not to blind the flag, according to a press release sent on the national day, along with photos from the campaign.

I climbed the stairs myself, blindfolded by Bjornsson. I asked him for permission and was forgiven, says VID Sciences researcher Knut Ivar Bjorklikhog to Chrono. He was one of those who got up with a ladder at 8:00 this morning.

According to Björlekhog, the bandages are still in place.

– The Red Cross was next to us all the way, who wondered what happened and it went smoothly and painlessly. Someone came up and asked what it was, and we got supportive feedback, he told Khrono.

– This is a peaceful business. Someone needs to remind the people what’s going on, and we have a long way to go to follow through on the Constitution. He says this is today’s message.

United Nations Climate Panel


Scholars rebelled

An act of scholarly rebellion.  The march started from NTNU.
  • The Norwegian Campaign is part of a global network in more than 30 cities in more than ten countries.
  • From Panama to Australia, protesters are blindfolding iconic statues to demand action on the climate crisis.
  • The statues contain inscriptions such as “tell the truth” and “face the facts”.
  • Scholars rebelled It is an international movement of researchers who are deeply interested in the environmental and climate crisis, and who believe the research community has a responsibility to act and join the climate movement.
  • It is a sister movement to Extinction Rebellion and respects its principles and values.
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Since the release of the last one Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (From the UN Climate Panel) Scientists around the world have famously blindfolded statues to demand authorities come to grips with the facts about the climate crisis.

“The nation-builders we celebrate on May 17 were able to internalize the times they lived in and look forward to the values ​​they wanted Norwegian society to live in accordance with: harmony with each other and harmony with the nature around us. “We have not They go blindly into the future.

Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson is blindfolded on May 17 in Oslo.

Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson is blindfolded on May 17 in Oslo.

Activists are calling on those in power and Norwegians on the streets not to ignore the flag. And the latest report from the United Nations Climate Panel, published this spring, makes it painfully clear once again that the climate crisis and environmental catastrophe threaten our existence and demand immediate action.

The insurgents in the Rebellion of the Scholars aim to put pressure on governments with peaceful, creative, and disruptive actions.

NTNU procedure

Earlier this month, researchers at NTNU cracked down and three were arrested for disrupting traffic.

“We chose to start here to show that we belong to the research environment at NTNU and should take to the streets to make our voice heard,” Thomas Halland, a postdoctoral researcher in biology at the university told Khrono at the time.

He began working in Norway at NTNU, but began some activity under the auspices of the Scholars’ Rebellion at the University of Oslo, the University of Bergen and the NMBU, Haaland also reported to Chrono.

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Scholars rebelled

The researchers were arrested after they marched on Trondheim

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