The Russian missile attack on a shopping mall may have been a mistake – VG

The Russian missile attack on a shopping mall may have been a mistake - VG

The attack on the Kremenzhok shopping center may be due to the poor accuracy of weapons and target planners, according to British intelligence.


At least 20 people were killed and 59 injured, after Russian forces opened fire on Tuesday Missiles on a mall In the town of Krementsjuk. Ukrainian authorities estimate that between 200 and 1,000 civilians were staying here during the attack.

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry posted a video on Twitter of what would happen with a missile attack:

Russia, for its part, claimed that the missile hit an arms depot near the mall, and then the mall caught fire, according to NTB.

in videoPresident Volodymyr Zelensky contradicts Russia’s claims that the missile did not directly hit the mall:

– Today I want to end this speech with evidence, so that no one dares to cover up the missile attack on the Kremenzhok shopping center, says Zelensky in the speech, before playing a video of what will show the Russian missile attack.

The Russian missile hit precisely this target. with intent. Of course that was the arrangement. It is clear that the Russian assassins received the coordinates of this missile. They wanted to kill as many as possible in a peaceful town, in a normal mall.

Vladimir Putin, commenting on the attack on the mall, said to the Russian news agency Interfax, on Wednesday evening, that Russia does not shoot at civilian targets.

I may have made a mistake

Britain’s Ministry of Defense, in its daily update on the war on Wednesday, wrote that there was a “realistic possibility” that the missile attack was intended to hit another nearby target.

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– Russia’s inaccuracy in carrying out long-range attacks caused mass incidents with civilian casualties, the ministry wrote and notes at the time. Two missiles hit the train station in the town of Kramatorsk in April.

Total devastation: A grocery store in the shopping center in Kremenzhok was completely destroyed after the missile attack.

They wrote that Russia’s lack of modern accurate offensive weapons, as well as the lack of experience of target planners, will likely lead to more civilian casualties.

According to British intelligence, it is “almost certain” that Russia will continue to launch similar attacks, trying to prevent the resupply of Ukrainian front-line forces.

Advance in the East

Russia continues to make progress in eastern Ukraine. to me Institute for the Study of War (ISW)Russian forces continue to conduct offensive operations south and southwest of the city of Lyschansk near Severodonetsk.

It is said that Russian forces have arrived in recent weeksPoor takeover of SeverodonetskIt is one of the most important cities in Donba.

Officials from the Luhansk People’s Republic (LNR) claimed that Ukrainian forces began withdrawing from Lyschansk, but this has not been confirmed.

ISW wrote that Russia’s advance in the city may depend on its ability to gather combat power from the forces that participated in the Battle of Severodonetsk.

– The Russian forces remaining in Severodonetsk must cross the Siversky Donets to Lysychansk from Severodonetsk, to participate further in the Russian offensive. This movement may take some time because the Russians destroyed the three main bridges over the river near the city.

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And in the north of the country, too, the Russians began to climb. Three months after the withdrawal of Russian forces from Kyiv, it was reported this weekend Several explosions in the capital.

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