– The Russians bombed my parents’ house all night – VG

- The Russians bombed my parents' house all night - VG

According to Irina Christensen, the family home in Ukraine was bombed on Saturday night and it has been severely affected by the situation. – I’m so scared, she tells Vijay.

He has been living in Norway for two years and was one of about a thousand people marking their support for Ukraine ahead of the Sorting in Oslo on Saturday. But for her, the choice had a dramatic personal basis.

Throughout the night, the Russians bombed the home of my parents, my brother, his wife and their two children. Not just their house, but all the houses in the area where they live. I’m so scared, Irina Christensen tells Vijay.

She also visited VG’s team during the exam. She desperately wanted to help share a video of the Melidopol bombing in the Zaporizhia area, which was posted on Facebook by one of the family’s neighbors.

Russia Melidopol was said to have been abducted on SaturdayBut the British Ministry of Defense has raised doubts over the allegations.

While the Russians say they are “friendly to the locals who greet them with red flags,” the British say they “see nothing to support” these claims. Saturday is one of several cities where fighting is fierce.

For Christensen, he has many people who care about this particular area, and the news coming from there has an impact:

– It’s so scary, my family is hurt, they’re so scared, Christensen continues.

According to her, it is important to be ahead of Saturday’s starting.

– Irina Christensen says we are proud of our president and we trust him.

He mentions Volodymyr Zhelensky, who in recent days has been coming to the Ukrainian people from the streets of the capital Kiev with frequent video updates:

– Thank you to everyone who stands up for the country of Ukraine, said the Ukrainian Ambassador to Norway Jatzyuk Vyatsjeslov during the celebration.

– But today we must say it like it is: in Ukraine now much-needed military support. The Ukrainians are the toughest and bravest warriors on earth, but they are fighting against a huge force, he continued.

Several high-ranking Norwegian politicians, including former Foreign Minister Ine Eriksen Søreide (H), were among those who appealed during the election.

– There is no way to justify what is happening now. Nevertheless, there are voices in Norway who say they need to understand Putin first. This is not the time to understand, but to condemn, he said.

Last time: Every time Anna Superson talks to her family in Ukraine, she fears it will be the last time.

Anna Superson has been living in Norway for three years. She was also one of the first to attend the celebration in front of Saturday’s Saturday.

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– I talk to my family in Ukraine every day, and every time I’m so scared that it’s the last time I talk to them, she tells Vijay.

Anzhelika Murchue and couple Larysa and Oleksandr Tsopych are skeptical when they meet VG and ask for his identity.

– We can not be sure enough these days, says Oleksandr Tsopych.

All three have been living in Norway since 2012, and they are deeply concerned about families in Kiev.

Do not leave: Our family is not safe anywhere in Ukraine. They did not escape the war, say Angelica Murchu, Oleksandr Sopic and Larisa Sopic from the left.

– I’m especially worried about my mom. She lived near the airport, but now she was fortunate enough to escape. The Russians are bombing everywhere, destroying all infrastructure. He says they are nowhere safe, even though they are out of Kay. He says they will not escape war.

After marking in front of Sporting, the protesters boarded a train to the Russian embassy. According to the Oslo Police District, a significant number of people later joined the protest, but it went smoothly.

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