– The sale of Szoboszlai gave us security – the need for money is not so great now

– The sale of Szoboszlai gave us security – the need for money is not so great now

For a long time it seemed that it was only a matter of time before a move by Gusco Guardiol to Manchester City became a reality.

On 19 July, transfer coach Fabrizio Romano wrote that the two clubs had agreed a transfer fee, and that the Croatian had completed part of his medical. The two personal conditions must also be agreed upon.

If we are to believe Max Eberle, the RB Leipzig manager himself, the negotiations didn’t get that far.

Got the finances in order

– He’s still here and hasn’t had a medical – so we don’t know anything for sure yet. I don’t think he did it behind our backs because he is a true professional. Eberle adds that he’s really excited, and loves what we’ve built here picture.

It’s true that Manchester City have expressed interest in acquiring him. He himself has said that he can imagine the transition to a very large extent, but we are still far in negotiations. We are not close to agreeing to any deal.

And the reason why Manchester City and RB Leipzig are struggling to reach an agreement is likely to please Liverpool supporters.

– Szoboszlai’s sale – which surprised us all on the last day – gave us security and peace of mind. The need for money is not great now, and ideally we want him to stay here. We are not a club that usually blocks transfers, but we have our own goals and we want them to be achieved.

That Guardiol could stay at RB Leipzig for another season is interesting from a Liverpool point of view, given the Croatian’s previous statements.

– Since I was a little boy, my dad and I watched Liverpool matches. I grew up watching only Liverpool games.

– When I started to follow football more seriously, I started cheering for them, and I definitely want to play in the Premier League and Liverpool, Gvardiol said in 2021.

Next summer, Virgil van Dijk will turn 33, with only a year left on his contract. Then it would be nice to bring the next plug.

Consider the magic of Carvalho

Eberle also spoke about the players loaned to the German national team, including Liverpool player Fabio Carvalho.

– I think the club should continue to develop in this area. A loan is always a great opportunity. You get players who would otherwise not be available.

He is hoping RB Leipzig makes a good enough impression that the loanees will have something to do with the club, likely in the hope that they will return on a permanent transfer.

– They can settle down here and feel comfortable. He will definitely be important for us this season and anything after that is yet to be seen. We want to connect them emotionally to the club.

Carvalho made his mark with a goal in his first training match for RB Leipzig.

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